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Freckled Face Zina

Maria Allen

Pages: 30
ISBN: 978-145752-314-4
List Price: 9.99
Category: Children’s Books
Edition: Perfectbound

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This book was created to teach children to look in the mirror and see how great they are. It was written to build confidence in children at an early age. I created Zina so other children could see themselves. If they have freckles, they can embrace them and see how cool they really are. I created many characters in this book to look different from one another. The diversity in this children’s book shows the necessary need for multicultural awareness in children’s literature. In this book, Zina learns to love herself and embrace her freckles. Zina has many more adventures and challenges to overcome. This is the first book of the Zina Series. Zina will meet a friend in this story and she will also come across a bully. However, Zina learns how to be a big girl and how to overcome adversity. Zina has a mommy who takes really good care of her, but what will she do when her mommy can’t go along with her to school? The first day of school can be scary for any child. For many children, kindergarten is their first real experience away from home. Children worry they will miss their mommy and daddy. They may be scared of a new environment, or frightened to make new friends. However, Zina is a little girl that has first-day jitters for a reason that might surprise you. This book teaches children to embrace their differences. Everyone is special and unique in their own way. Go along with Zina as she figures out what makes her “something special.”

Maria Caprice Allen was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 24, and is a God-fearing woman. Maria was recognized at the young age of ten by the former mayor of Detroit with an honorable award entitled, “The Young Peace Maker of Detroit.” Since the tender age of five, Maria has loved to read and use her imagination to create stories to entertain her family and friends. She enjoys writing because she believes words have the ability to take you places only your thoughts can go. Ms. Allen is a recent graduate of The University of Michigan, where she studied Elementary Education, Majoring in Language Arts with a Writing Certificate Endorsement. She has a creative mind and a contagiously happy personality that is sure to capture you in her writing. She contributes her success to God, family, and you. Maria currently resides in Westland, Michigan with her family.
Maria loves the color pink. She loves to dance, laugh, and spend time with family and friends, and is a mentor for her church in Detroit, Michigan. Maria loves scrapbooking in her spare time. She never thought about being an author until one of her high school teachers suggested that she had a special gift for writing. Writing has always been a love and passion, but she never considered turning it into a career. Many years later while in college, Maria decided to take her family and teacher’s advice and began to create her first children’s book. She wrote this book to reach children of all colors and creeds. Maria enjoys traveling and looks forward to doing many book tours, introducing her fabulous, kinky character, Zina Zachery, to children everywhere. Maria is a recent graduate and is excited to begin her journey with her future students. She embraces every life experience.