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Fish On! Michigan

Julane Quick

Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-145752-455-4
List Price: 9.99
Category: Fiction
Available: April 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Johnny is on a week’s vacation at Grandpa’s lake, determined to catch a monster bass on his new casting rod. But is fishing luck or skill? If Grandpa can catch bass when others can’t, isn’t that skill? If fishermen say they “didn’t have any luck today,” aren’t they admitting that fishing is luck?

Is ‘red sun in the morning, sailors take warning’ true? What’s a jitterbug? What does the food chain have to do with fishing? Why does Grandpa care if others pollute their own lake? Can you really tell how close a thunderstorm is? Without lane markings on a lake, why don’t boats crash into each other? How do crickets make that sound?

In this fictional children’s story, Johnny looks to Grandpa and Dad for answers. Johnny learns his role in preserving Michigan’s unique ecology and the legacy of family fishing fun.

Ages: middle school and up

Julane is a lifelong resident of Michigan. She retired as the IT director for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. She attended MSU and is a graduate of the Michigan Lake and Stream Leaders Institute.

She grew up enjoying one-week summer vacations at a lake in the Upper Peninsula. Now a grandmother, she lives on an inland lake in mid-Michigan and shares the joys of retirement with her son, grandsons, family and friends.

She enjoys fishing, golf, reading, genealogy, travel, and living on the lake. She lives in a community that offers endless opportunities for adventure. She cherishes the awesome beauty and spirit of living in Michigan.

Family memories are sprinkled throughout her fictional story of recreational fishing, ecology, humor, and family generational fun. She believes family memories are built on the small moments in life. Writing this book was on her bucket list. Fish On! was a surprise gift to her son and grandsons.