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Feline Filosophy: Cat Tales and Purr-spectives

Annabelle and Linda J. Miller

Pages: 116
ISBN: 978-145752-768-5
List Price: 9.95
Category: Inspirational
Available: May 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Annabelle (also known as HRH – Her Royal Highness) was born May 9, 2010 in Anderson, Indiana. She is a Russian Blue mixed with other unknown origins. She is a small, petite cat. Her coloring is all gray with the exception of a small sliver of white on her left front leg. Her early years were spent in a home filled with physical and emotional abuse. Another family took her in because they felt sorry for her. Alas, however, they had four cats and none of them liked HRH. Well, maybe one did, because she was soon pregnant. She was then taken to the local shelter where she had four babies. Annabelle was a good mother, caring for the little kittens until they found forever homes.

After five months at the shelter (living in a small cage), she was adopted by her current family in October, 2012. She now has a large home, plenty of places to roam, room service and constant attention. She is a sweet, well-behaved cat. She likes people, loves to play with her toys and take as many cat naps as she can throughout the day. And she “chatters” almost constantly. Because Annabelle is such a communicator, it was decided that her observations on life should be preserved and shared with others. She has worked for several months collecting and editing the contents of this book. And she personally selected the pictures that are included.

Linda J. Miller (owned by Annabelle) lives in Anderson, IN. After graduating from New Albany (IN) high school, she received a Bachelor’s Degree from Anderson University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Louisville. After completing post-graduate studies at the University of California, she worked many years in hospital administration and healthcare consulting. A previous owner of both dogs and cats (all without a pedigree), she was somewhat reluctant to get another cat. When she decided to get one, she chose to find an older cat – one that might not be as “adoptable” as a small kitten. It proved to be the right decision for both “the cat” and the human.