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Family Links

Willie Shaw

Pages: 560
ISBN: 978-145752-099-0
List Price: 50.00
Edition: Perfectbound

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The fundamental purpose of this genealogical book is to provide a place to record detailed information and events about your family’s history. This volume will be useful for those interested in preserving that history. Those recording and descendants receiving this historical chronology will gain an appreciation of their cultural heritage. The design of the book demonstrates our various origins leading to our chosen country of residence. Hence the maps, charts and LINKS give the recorder a complete picture of their ancestry. The chronology allows for inserting information at any point and time. Regardless of where you chose to begin this history will provide an enriched account of who you are as a family. As you begin your journey you will find new LINKS and discover old ones. You will find a sense of fulfillment in being able to include love ones that are a part of the fabric of your family in a unique and user-friendly format. A format that encompasses a variety of possibilities from DNA, to blended families, stepfamilies, adopted families and of course pets. Ample space is provided for narratives regarding family traditions, special occasions, accomplishments, communions, baptisms, military service and holidays.

A uniqueness of the human species is the desire to know more. We ponder family origins, family personalities, family ambitions and health issues. We wonder about family traditions, religious beliefs and political views. We want to know those attributes that set us apart from other families, but link us to our own. This was my desire as well. However what I was seeking eluded me. So I took the advice that I have often given, “Find a void and fill it”. Do you have a place to record and continually add new discoveries to your family’s history? It is my hope that you have found that place. Family Links will ignite and inspire you to make additions to your own history. It is meant to be your personal legacy passed from generation to generation.