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Educating Noah

Noah P. Borkenhagen Jr.

Pages: 220
ISBN: 978-145752-545-2
List Price: 17.99
Category: Autobiography & Biography
Available: February 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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This is an accounting of my life, the twenty plus different jobs and occupations and the various travels here in the United States and abroad. I have started almost all of the vocations learning from the ground up, secured loans and debt through second mortgages, friends, and negotiations to finance some of the larger projects. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “fly over country”. In the 60 plus years of my life, there have been significant changes in the world, and we are now progressing logarithmically rather than geometrically compared to the past. I portrayed what our family did throughout our lives, the successes and failures. I credit to my survival to retirement in an unwavering confidence in “me”, and a wife willing to back me in my never ending quest of learning. We have had more good times than bad; have endured more than some and much less than others. The strong religious background helped in forming a mindset of not to hurt another person, “do onto others”, and personal drive to provide more for my family than my parents provided for me kept me going. It was only until I hit 60, when a forty hour work week was like nothing; and it took almost three years for me to redirect myself to enjoying fully time for myself, and not working. I learned that listening is really a forgotten art that those small business people are more than happy to talk when you are not trying to sell them something and you know what a Sunday afternoon cold sweat regarding payroll is like. People love to talk about themselves and usually not really interested in what you think or opinion unless they ask for it, and then they will give you full attention if your creditable. There are more good people than bad, but bad are bad. Most people will give you the benefit of the doubt, and in the case of health care, most want you to give them all the facts, plain and simple, and the true options they have. Security is in your confidence of yourself. Settle ling for security by doing the same thing day in and day out is not what I wanted, and would kill me. There are a lot of folks like me, some are not as aggressive, others much more, it’s a great ride, and this is the story about mine!

My passion is learning new “stuff”. My problem is I read slowly (Yes, I have taken speed reading classes) and my comprehension of what I read is below average so I need to read the same information several times to be able to recollect it. I learn by doing, what I do with my hands or experience I need only to do once and I know it. Life offers this, formal schooling does not. Those that learn by the traditional school methods advance and get degrees, then teach using the same method, leaving me and others like me to seek other methods to satisfy our lust for learning. Most jobs take a few months to learn, then only a few years to perfect, then most of it is a repeat and you manage. Boring! This is what I went through and put my family through to quench that lust to learn. Most jobs have many things to offer, and the variety of people is fascinating! I wanted to document the life of a Midwest American baby boomer. In my overseas travels most of the folks I talked to imagine us as described in the movies. My dad had an eighth grade education, and my mother did not finish High school because her intent on life was to marry and have kids. I am fiercely loyal to my wife and kids, and appreciate sincere people. I am honest with those I deal with, and expect the same in return. My word is my bond, it has cost me thousands to back up what I say and will do, and I expect everyone else to treat me the same. This has not been the case in the past and although I have been disappointed many times, I hold no grudges. I like to put myself in the other person’s shoes when there is a conflict or perception of a conflict so that I can frame the proposal to avert difficulties. I have found in the jobs and travels that there are do ‘ers and slackers. People that love to work and those that work to get along. Of all the professions, I like the short order cook and Hospice Nurse to be the most rewarding, I like the condo life now over owning a house, I like the van for the convenience and I like the independence of our two kids in running their lives, and relish the calls when they ask for advice. Our favorite city (besides Milwaukee) is Barcelona, Spain My Life is ever evolving, after publishing this I have determined to let the rudder go and just travel to see what comes to be.