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Eagles Nest

Frank Reed

Pages: 106
ISBN: 978-145757-121-3
List Price: 12.95
Category: Fiction
Available: November 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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Bald eagles are a majestic bird and the picture of power and might as an enblem for the United States of America. I have seen one gotten at birth and trained to interact with humans, do some amazing things. The life of Lucky, not trained, was amazing.

The Georgeznkowsky family migrating from Poland to a ranch in Montana, had unheard of good luck in reaching their dream.

I have written this story in the hope of giving you, the reader, a smile or two. Enjoy

Eagles Nest is my second fictional book. I have included some characters from my last book, The Lives of Little Horse and Traveler. The front cover was produced by Robert Enders, Artist. His main topic is Landscapes and Western Scenes, using Oils, Watercolor and Pastels.

I have several other books including Mother’s Six Marines, Then Now and Beyond, a story of my life, and a fiction novel, The Story of Little Horse and Traveler. Two others I have coauthored. One, A Snail Named Slick, with my daughter Aleta and The Toughest Guy in the Bar, with my son Patrick.. I hope you will enjoy reading.

I served in the Marines during WW2, worked 37 years with United Airlines and am having a wonderful retirement at O’Connor Woods in Stockton Ca.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

When Ray first entered the publishing industry, authors relied on “vanity presses” to produce their work – many of whom would charge $15,000 or more and leave the author’s garage filled with hundreds of books. Ray, along with coworker Alan Harris, joined forces with Miles Nelson to create Dog Ear Publishing to provide the author community a self-publisher with a heart. The group’s application of new technologies and publishing on demand reduced the cost of publishing a book to a fraction of what it had been for previous generations; authors now have the ability to publish a book in as little as six weeks and print as few as a single copy.