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Dream Maze

David L. Detiege

Pages: 108
ISBN: 978-145752-566-7
List Price: 12.95
Category: Fiction
Available: February 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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What would you do if you found yourself trapped in a maze of dreams and no matter how hard you tried, it seemed like you couldn’t wake up? That’s what happened to Russell Gray one dark and cold rainy night, and now his world is closing in on him. He’s trying to escape from this crazy nightmare, and find his way back to reality.
“Somebody, please wake me up!” Russell is about to take a journey that he didn’t plan on, and he doesn’t want to be there, but what can he do about it? Let’s take this journey with him, deep inside his mind and see where it leads us.
Is it real life, schizophrenia, or is it just a dream?

I was seven years old the first time I wanted to write a book. Although many stories ran through my mind during my life, I just never wrote them down on paper. The stories remained in my mind throughout my life and never faded away. The strange part that I found out while writing this book; is as soon as I wrote down the words as they came to me, the thoughts finally left my head. I was working for the Department of Homeland Security at the time when I injured my lower back; this was the most physically painful time of my life. For the first few weeks after the injury, I would wake up in the morning after a sleepless night, and I didn’t want to move for fear of the pain that I knew was coming next. It was like someone had a knife at my back and every time I moved they would stick it in and wiggle it around my nerves. Great pain was felt as I moved over on my side and to sit up on my bed. I sat there for a couple moments and then I would stand up hunched over and waited a few more seconds before the greatest part of the pain began. Between being hunched over and standing up straight, I felt like yelling as loud as I could, and just about passed out at the same time. In the middle of this horrific pain, all I could think about was that I couldn’t do this any more, it was just too much to bear. I just wanted to leave my body and go into a new one. I told my doctor, “Do the surgery now or kill me.” I was sitting at my desk one day, thinking about how I was trapped in my body and could not escape from the pain, when I thought about a person who was trapped in his dreams and was looking to find a way out. I kept seeing him over and over again in different situations and I started to write the thoughts down and decided to write a book. So you see, this book was written out of my own pain. Some of the dreams and stories in this book are actually real, dreams that either I have had or someone told me about their own dreams. Some stories that someone may have told me about themselves that happened to them, even though some of the stories were hard to believe, I thought I would add them to this book. Not a day went by that I didn’t think about Russell Gray and the fix that he was in. Day and night the stories kept coming to me, and I couldn’t get them out of my head until I wrote them down on paper. As soon as I would write them down, they left me and new stories would come to me. It felt so good to finish each chapter; it was like a breath of fresh air; like my eyes were opened and I could clearly see. This novella is like reading a book of short stories or shall I say short dreams, many dreams as seen through the mind of Russell Grey.