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Dr. Hellemn's All-Natural Weight Loss | Michael Hellemn, MD

Dr. Hellemn’s All-Natural Weight Loss

Michael Hellemn, MD

Pages: 88
ISBN: 978-145750-841-7
List Price: 16.95
Available: April 2012
Edition: Perfectbound

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Are you having trouble controlling your weight? Cholesterol? Just months before I graduated from medical residency, I too was prescribed a cholesterol medicine.

From my medical experience, however, I realized that conventional medical guidelines of checking labs and taking medications were not likely to keep me healthy. Instead, I tried some alternatives. Within six months, my cholesterol numbers were perfect and I was back to my high school waist size. I could benchpress more than my weight for the first time in decades and I could run 5 miles with ease. All without prescription medications. As a practicing physician, I treat many patients with obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes. I give my patients the options of following the current medical guidelines or taking the all-natural approach. Many of them have been confused by the overwhelming amount of health advice and hype in the media. With some clear instructions, these patients have reached their goals without medications. This book provides the simple directions you need to improve your health without prescription drugs.

Originally from New Orleans, Michael Hellemn started out in engineering, with degrees in both Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. He worked in such diverse areas as satellites, children’s education, mobile computers, and telecommunications. At age 39, after a successful engineering career and a couple of patents, Michael got tired of the corporate world and went to medical school. He attended both Texas A&M and UT Southwestern Medical Schools, and he completed a residency in Family Medicine at Baylor. He currently practices medicine full time in Plano, Texas. Michael has a lovely wife and two sons. When not nagging patients about obesity, diabetes, or high cholesterol, he and his family like to travel, fish, and scuba.