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Douglas Jerrod

Frank J. Sapp

Pages: 236
ISBN: 978-145752-873-6
List Price: 20.00
Category: Fiction
Edition: Perfectbound

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There has been a sigma placed on mental patients in a crazy house of they don’t know what is what they are just crazy. The belief that putting them away is the best way to keep their crazy from rubbing off on the general public. But what if there is something more. What if the crazy is a result of something special and deeper? Douglas Jerrod is one of those special cases. A patient in a government facility for the criminally insane. At first glance of the outside, Douglas is a grade a delusional mess of a human being. But under all the skin and crazy talk is a gifted man with a very misunderstood connection with a member of one of his own. As Douglas travels back and forth between his reality and the other, he will find that in fact it is not his life but another just like him. Also he will gain new knowledge of events in his own time. Knowledge that he will either use to help or keep to himself. Well, that is if anyone will take a crazy man’s talk seriously.

I have lived my life as a hard worker and a teacher of good morals for my children. I am just an ordinary man with simple expectation, and hope for the best. For my children, for my wife, and for myself. In the meantime, I just keep working for a better future. Hard work and hard play I hope will show my little ones the right path. My final message to my readers is to still work forward and eventually things will work out. Also, love to the ones that have moved on before me.