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Leyla Welkin, Ph.D.

Pages: 180
ISBN: 978-605626-450-4
List Price: 9.95
Available: February 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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True Friend – For women who have experienced sexual abuse: How to be a friend to yourself, how to be a true friend to a survivor. This book is a compact self help guide for women who have been sexually abused and for their relatives, friends and the people who provide services to them. In clear, accessible language the book describes the physiological, psychological and social effects of interpersonal trauma, offers practical exercises and activities that survivors can use to help calm and soothe themselves, and provides information and advice for people who want to be helpful to survivors. The book is appropriate for a wide audience and is especially designed for places where people may not have ready access to an established infrastructure of social and mental health services. It takes a positive, reassuring approach to trauma recovery, is based on cognitive behavioral and mindfulness treatment methods, and is particularly focused on the healing possibilities of healthy relationships. Published first in Turkish and distributed around Turkey in two separate editions, this book has been successfully used by all kinds of service professionals from police and lawyers to psychologists and counselors, as well as survivors themselves. This is a community oriented self help guide to a common, world wide social problem. Designed for international English speaking audiences and for translation and adaptation into other languages.

Leyla Welkin is a clinical cross cultural psychologist who has practiced psychotherapy, taught as an intercultural educator and developed programs in those fields for thirty years. Her birth in Gaziantep, Turkey to American parents began a life lived between many cultural worlds. She received her interdisciplinary Master’s and Doctoral degrees in the United States and worked for many years there in outpatient clinics and in private practice with women and families struggling with the effects of sexual and family abuse. She also began teaching in university psychology and counseling programs in 1995. In 2008 Leyla returned to Turkey and founded the Pomegranate Connection program in Ankara. She continues to provide research, training and consultation services internationally and can be reached at welkin.l@gmx.com