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Dog Ear Publishing PROFIT PLUS Program

Get a bigger return, faster –and grow your media enterprise!

Congratulations! You’re a published author. Your book looks great. Now you’re fighting the good fight, promoting your book to new readers, potential reviewers, and trusted industry professionals.

Your talent and hard work has helped you gain traction in the market. Folks are finding your book’s website. The social media feeds you manage, and the enhanced book and author pages you’ve contributed to on Amazon and Goodreads are driving sales.

The ads you’re running through Amazon, Google, and Facebook are generating real book buzz, as are your guest bookings on local and national radio programs. You’re raising awareness big-time and scoring sales through distribution.

And then reality hits. Traditional sales channels can be, and are, dreadfully slooooow. They are seemingly archaic in reporting sales data and remitting payments for book sales. Combined with processing time, this can lead to delays of 6 months or more to receive profits from your hard work. We feel your pain; it’s our pain, too. We’ve heard your voice! We want to help and have a new opportunity to keep up all the good mojo and momentum you have going. Don’t let the slowness of the market be a book buzz kill any longer.

We’ve got the fix.

We call it the PROFIT PLUS Program.

Our goal is to get you a bigger return for your book sales, faster –and continue to help grow your media enterprise! Below are the three ways we’ll do just that.

Contact us today and we’ll add up to 20% to your accrued and unpaid profits and convert them to unlimited potential and exposure with buyers and readers worldwide. ANY profit accrued and not yet paid out – even through the most recently completed sales month – is eligible.

Three Ways to Boost Profit and Maximize Your Book’s Future:

  1. Turn Profit into Book Marketing Services – We’d like to offer the opportunity to turn current author profit into additional services at a 20% increase. For example, if you had $100 in Author Profit due, it would become $120 worth of additional services. ALL our services qualify (not just marketing), and here’s some suggestions that have a strong impact on book sales:
    • Add Book Returns  – Give bookstores the greatest possible opportunity to stock your book by offering a returnability option. This program identifies your book as ‘Returnable’ in the Ingram Title Database and means that a bookstore is able to return unsold copies of your book.
    • Add Book ReviewsNetGalley, Kirkus, and ForeWord all offer fantastic (and trusted) book review services. Getting positive reviews from reputable sources is a major way to increase your chance of discovery by retail buyers, entertainment industry insiders, literary agents and most importantly—readers.
    • Add Amazon Optimization – Amazon is the world’s second largest search engine. The Amazon Optimization Program maximizes product details, categories, keywords, and associations with related products so that new readers can more easily discover your book and authorship through Amazon.
  2. Turn Profit into Books – Turn current author profit into printed books in any of your formats at a 10% increase. Same example as above, if you have $100 in Author Profit due, it would become $110 worth of books at regular author print prices.
  3. Turn profit into Publishing Packages – Earned profit, plus 20% can be deducted from any new publishing package purchase. This may even be combined with any other active promotion.

Don’t wait. Contact us today. All you need to do to immediately receive your accrued author profit in books or services is send us an email asking for our PROFIT PLUS Program details. We can also get you any additional info and/or service recommendations you may wish.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

When Ray first entered the publishing industry, authors relied on “vanity presses” to produce their work – many of whom would charge $15,000 or more and leave the author’s garage filled with hundreds of books. Ray, along with coworker Alan Harris, joined forces with Miles Nelson to create Dog Ear Publishing to provide the author community a self-publisher with a heart. The group’s application of new technologies and publishing on demand reduced the cost of publishing a book to a fraction of what it had been for previous generations; authors now have the ability to publish a book in as little as six weeks and print as few as a single copy.