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Divot Dogs: The Adventures of ‘The Grip’ and ‘The Street’

Tom Hoch

Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-145752-970-2
List Price: 15.95
Category: Fiction
Available: August 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Odds. To some people, they are the key to success or failure. Eddie Ferguson and Ronnie Costas are experts at two things: playing golf and fi guring odds. To them, calculating the odds on a given day at the golf course was a simple chore. How does he hold the club? What are his mechanics like? How high does the bet have to get to take him out of his comfort zone? When it’s all said and done, what are the chances of walking away with some of the other guy’s cash?

Tom Hoch is the author of the Chip Fullerton/Annie Smith Sports Series (he uses T. L. Hoch for his juvenile fi ction books). Divot Dogs is his fi rst foray into adult fi ction. Mr. Hoch was born in Battle Creek, Michigan. On and off, he spent thirteen of his fi rst eighteen years there surrounded by lakes and golf courses. He graduated college with a degree in education, but passed up teaching and coaching opportunities for the much bigger paychecks that industry was offering. Victim of some serious downsizing, Tom turned to the world of golf and became a club professional. After fi fteen years of running tournaments, giving lessons and playing for a little money now and then, he decided to go into education. Retired from teaching and coaching, Mr. Hoch lives in northwest Illinois with his wife of 38 years. His two daughters and fi ve grandchildren live close by.