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Dimension Norraena: Breakthrough

Freddi Gold

Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-145753-780-6
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: May 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

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Living a solitary life in the mountains of San Bernardino, California, a young college instructor, Skylar Winter, experiences what appears to be a bizarre and frightening lucid dream. What she discovers sends shock waves through the corridors of U.S. Intelligence and criminal cartels alike.

Trapped emotionally from childhood losses, Skye fears trusting her experiences with others until the danger to her life from a sociopath and another species threatens her existence.

Crushed with constant indecision, she turns to the two men who try to protect her and who find themselves in competition for her affection.

As her life and death battle unfolds, Skye must find the courage to survive and accept a new reality.

An unpredictable adventure has just begun.

Freddi Gold has previously been published in journals, magazines and periodicals as a non-fiction author. Her short stories found their way into several anthologies. Dimension Norræna is the first novel of a trilogy. A former licensed psychotherapist, television/radio host, she also teaches family and intercultural communication. Gold holds a PhD in Human Behavior and Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Fascinated with metaphysics and alien lore, Gold embraces her life as a professional writer.