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Crimson Waterfall: The Story of the Dowdys and Six Related Families

Harry Kendall Dowdy, JR.

Pages: 380
ISBN: 978-145752-097-6
List Price: 25.00
Available: November 2013
Edition: Hardcover (No DJ)

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Crimson Waterfall tells a series of gripping true stories about individuals who accomplished extraordinary things or made the best of life in spite of hard times and misfortune. There are stories about:
• a white man who fell in love with and married a mulatto woman four years after the Civil War;
• how the mulatto son of a white man became a plantation owner and sent many of his 21 children to college;
• a white father who tried to leave his mulatto son an inheritance and the almost-six-year court battle that ensued;
• a university dean/president who was at the center of first sit-ins at Greensboro, North Carolina;
• a man who started high school at 21 and became a renowned research scientist; and
• a black teacher who was the first to integrate an all-white public school in a small Southern town.

The six related families referred to on the cover are the Scarboroughs, Clarks, Westons, Wrights, Shivers, and Scotts.
This book goes beyond family history and includes unusual historical facts that will be of educational value to the general public.
From the numerous historical facts cited, the reader will learn why the state of Georgia’s readmission to the Union after the Civil War was revoked and later reinstated, why the state of West Virginia was created during the Civil War, the history of “Black Indians,” the extent of Southern white opposition to the Confederacy, the great flu outbreak of 1918, and the “Orangeburg (SC) Massacre” of 1968.
The author reaches out to the reader by his commentaries, original adages, and poetry such as:
• Love is its own blessing, its own justification, its own destiny.
• We learn more by understanding than by finding fault.
• We achieve our best when we help others.
• Family history brings together the scattered pieces of our identity.
In the many true stories related in this chronicle, we may see something of ourselves.

Harry Kendall Dowdy, Jr., is a retired US Army Colonel, Military Intelligence, with 30 years of active duty. He is originally from South Carolina and has traveled throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and North Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in general business administration and a Master of Science degree, both from South Carolina State University, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Golden Gate University. Also, he is a graduate of the US Army Intelligence School (three diplomas), the US Army Command and General Staff College, and the US Army Language School, with a diploma in the Japanese language. At the national level, he researched a wide range of topics on national security and wrote numerous classified policy papers for the Department of Defense. As an Army special agent in civilian clothes, he conducted counterintelligence operations in the United States. In Europe and Asia, he directed counterintelligence operations and coordinated with foreign intelligence agencies. From a base in Germany, he directed espionage operations that extended into communist countries behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. In Vietnam, he was attached to the Military Assistance Advisory Group and served as the intelligence advisor to a South Vietnamese intelligence unit commander at corps level. In this position, he participated in field operations, collected combat intelligence, and exploited enemy prisoners of war. His other assignments include the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon and Headquarters, US Army Intelligence Command. He was commanding officer of the Washington Field Office, the largest field office of the Defense Investigative Service. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) awarded him a Certificate of Appreciation for coordinating some of their intelligence operations. Colonel Dowdy was awarded 19 military decorations, including the Defense Superior Service Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, Army Meritorious Service Medal, and two awards of the Army Commendation Medal. In addition, he was awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Secretary of Defense for his service during the Cold War. He was inducted into the ROTC Hall of Fame at South Carolina State University.
After retirement from the Army, he gained employment in Baltimore, Maryland, as chief of security at the corporate headquarters of a Fortune 500 company, from which he also retired. In retirement, Colonel Dowdy pursues his lifelong interest in history, philosophy, anthropology, science, poetry, and other disciplines that seriously examine the human condition. He is the author of newspaper articles, a published poet, a continuing student of the humanities, and member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.