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Creating Winning Relationships Through Sports: Using athletics to strengthen families

José Rijo-Berger

Pages: 84
ISBN: 978-145751-901-7
List Price: 15.00
Category: Nonfiction
Available: February 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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“We live in a culture that emphasizes winning, often at a cost. José Rijo-Berger emphasizes the importance of the journey. It’s less about working toward the mere “win” on the scoreboard and more about what it takes for young athletes to become their best selves. It’s a unique approach that only a pro ballplayer turned business owner, coach, dedicated father, and mentor can provide.” —Mary M. McCain “José and his staff genuinely care. They treat their clients like family and handle kids the way they would treat their own children. They understand there is more to sports than just how to swing a bat or throw a ball.” —Don E. Marbut, Head Baseball Coach, Washington State University “I met José after my junior year in high school. He instilled in me the work ethic and mental toughness I needed to succeed in college and professional baseball while setting me up for success in my personal life. José has been and continues to be a huge influence.” —Matt Fields, former pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays “I highly recommend this book to any parent who has kids involved in any sport. The things José can teach you about your relationship with your kids are extremely important to know and to follow. As the father of four children who are involved in all kinds of sports, two of whom made it through NCAA Division I schools, I know how important it is not to live vicariously through our children. Some parents are too involved and others are too passive. This book will help you strike a balance. I highly recommend it!” —Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Senior Pastor, Antioch Bible Church, and former linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks “The balance between coach and parent is not easy. José has found this balance. He coaches kids to maximize their talents while providing the love and care of a parent.” —Phi Tieskoetter “I came to José as a desperate mother needing a mentor for my sons. The professional and personal commitment made by José and the staff at Rijo Athletics forever changed our lives. They feel like family, and I know my boys are well cared for.” —Liz Nowoj José Rijo-Berger is the epitome of balance in life and commitment to God. It is a pleasure to serve alongside him as he teaches, encourages, mentors, and ministers to young people through sports.
—Jonathan Rainey, Seattle Colleges Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes “José’s leadership and vision have changed thousands of kids’ lives and continue to leave an indelible mark on the community. José is as real as it gets and as transparent as they come. He will leave you forever challenged and encouraged.” —Jason Pamer Mew Films “José can reach into a kid’s mind and heart and stoke enthusiasm when a parent cannot. As a coach myself, I’ve intently watched José work and have come to appreciate the true impact a coach can have. Many will tell you, “It’s not about the wins. We’re here to have fun.” But their actions say otherwise. I was in that group. José showed me that coaching is really about teaching kids to respect themselves and their teammates, and to feel sense of brotherhood and accountability through sport. Do these right and your teams will win their fair share of games. More importantly, you’ll have a positive influence on kids’ lives.
—John Cokos

José Rijo-Berger is president of Rijo Athletics in Woodinville, Washington, a former professional baseball player with the New York Mets, and a current scout for the St. Louis Cardinals. In 1999 he pursued his dream to start a baseball and softball training facility which today serves thousands of students annually and produces more collegiate and professional ballplayers than any other program in the region.
At Rijo Athletics, José is blessed to work with the best staff in America. Their professionalism and commitment to kids are great examples for everyone involved in the sports community.
José lives in Woodinville with his wife, Rebecca, and children Nico, Nevaeh, Giana, and Teyo.