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Courting Justice: More Montana Courthouse Tales

Eric Olson

Pages: 404
ISBN: 978-145754-024-0
List Price: 22.95
Category: Nonfiction
Available: August 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

Courting Justice is the second book of the Montana Courthouse Tales, Eric Olson’s four-part series of stories from courthouses across the Big Sky State of Montana.

Utilizing the imaginative story-telling model employed in the first volume in the series, 2014’s Courting Truth, this second book takes readers to an altogether different set of courthouses, beginning under the copper dome of Butte and ending in the Valley of the Star Gazer outside Thompson Falls. An all-new collection of courtroom tales, these are true stories of murder and corruption, libel and sedition, justice and injustice, narrated by a cast of unforgettable historical, ghostly, and inanimate characters.

Blending contemporary, historical, and subjective accounts of documented court events, Olson walks the narrow tightrope of historical writing to reconfirm just how much our understanding of history is colored by myth and legend.

Exhaustively researched from actual court records, newspaper accounts, historical journals, and personal interviews, Courting Justice is part travelogue, part cultural and social narrative, and part legal documentary. In short, it’s fanciful storytelling at its best.

Eric Olson, a former trial lawyer, writes about community history, the law, and the search for justice in courthouses around the magnificent Big Sky State of Montana. Over the course of a thirty-five year adventure through both criminal and civil courtrooms he had the great privilege and solemn responsibility of representing thousands of legally needy individuals who – often for reasons beyond their own control – found themselves facing a personal search for “Truth” and “Justice.” What he learned is that, as Oscar Wilde observed: “the truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Eric has a lifelong love of history and a desire to help others understand the sometimes obvious and sometimes mysterious realities of life in the courtroom. As a result, he began exploring and writing about the interface between history, law, truth, justice, and human behavior. In his first book, Courting Truth, published by Dog Ear Publishing in 2014, Eric took a creative, informative, and entertaining look at a number of Montana communities through the lens of their local courthouses. In his new book, Courting Justice, he brings that narrative style to an all new set of courthouses, crossing Montana from the hard-scrabble prairieland surrounding Sheridan County in the far northeast to Beaverhead County in the southwest corner, hard against the spine of the Continental Divide. Gathering stories from every courthouse in the state, Eric will complete all four books in the Montana Courthouse Tales series before turning his attention back to his recently completed three part fictional crime saga, Undone Justice. Also ahead lies Sardonyxx, a haunting story of murder, reincarnation, and eternal love.