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County Fair

Quit Williams

Pages: 356
ISBN: 978-145751-605-4
List Price: 10.99
Available: December 2012
Edition: Perfectbound

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Could a curse for revenge spoken in June 1875 still be lapping up and slurping down helpless victims of brutal and cruel murders during the second decade of a new millennium? Welcome to Hancock County Indiana, home to the Klan, and now preparing a SPANKING NEW County Fairgrounds!!! There have been so many bizarre deaths and grizzly homicides over the years! But what is that dark copse of forbidding tangled trees in the center of the coming fair site? Once a burial spot for the county poor? No visible headstones. A forgotten place? Was a wrongfully lynched black man buried there too? A claim he raped some white farmer’s wife? Hummmm! Vigilantes hung him? He said he was innocent??? No trial??? What is that angry looking phantom presence hovering over the man’s forgotten grave? Meet Douluphonus a demon of vengeance summoned from hell by the lynched man’s father to consummate a curse on the vigilantes and their descendants. And now the whole county will soon be visiting Douluphonus at the new county fairgrounds over this long abandoned cemetery. They are all saying, “Come to the Fair! Come to the Fair!” How convenient! How appetizing! Welcome to Hancock County! It will be all kinds of fun and excitement unless you are lucky enough to die fi rst. Douluphonus versus the Klan? A battle of angels versus devils? The entire county exploding? But don’t worry. Satan himself can settle the situation. Or can he? Tarnation! Damnation! How could a Hoosier County Fair – and Indiana – have ended up in such a mess!