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Coastal Empires: A Disobedient Fiction

Tyrel Kane

Pages: 244
ISBN: 978-145752-784-5
List Price: 13.95
Category: Fiction
Available: May 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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In 2014, the policy of marijuana prohibition in the United States is changing. For one industrious young man in Savannah, though, it’s not changing fast enough. Oliver Court has an idea that just might expedite the process, but can he put that idea into practice before someone catches up to him?

Oliver won’t be alone in his quest, as long as he can convince his friends to help him. The closest of those friends, however, is not exactly thrilled by Ollie’s recent decision to offer himself up as a disobedient sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Trigg Johnson and Jarvis Allen have a conundrum of their own to ponder. They’ve recently become Savannah’s most infamous thieves, and the police are not the only ones searching for them. Some of the most vicious criminals in the Coastal Empire want to find them first.

Is there a crossroads for these factions? Can any of them find freedom?

Tyrel Kane is a self-described American gypsy, a six-year Sailor who was born into a military family with roots spread across the Nation and the World. Formally trained as a chef, a golf professional, a writer, and an imbiber of fine alcohols, Tyrel’s studies and adventures have taken him to sixteen countries on three continents. While in the process of writing Coastal Empires, he kayaked the length of the Suwannee River from the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico over twelve days, though the majority of the novel was written at a small window overlooking his own version of Walden Pond near Savannah. He lives with his charming wife and their two miniature dogs in the Southeastern United States.