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Climbing the Rock Within

Jennifer Haig

Pages: 292
ISBN: 978-145752-279-6
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: April 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The reader is inside the hazy inquisitive mind of a girl, the youngest of four, and her unnoticeable mild, yet frightening epileptic seizures and heavy meds. She has a well to do egocentric father who denies not only his family’s emotion, but also his own need for a psychiatrist; he tries his way to fame as a photographer and writer. Though having compulsive desires to end her life Rosetta keeps a normal facade. She is intrigued by her brother’s adolescent drug scene till he one time mistreats her; she says nothing, and asks to go away to a Catholic boarding school. There she deliberately stops her medication; no one is called. Confused by college and cotillion parties, she is drawn to an artistic male who unlike herself has to work for a living; they exchange letters. Rosetta hides from him the family befuddlement, her illness; guilt looms.
Her father goes on a trip to photograph France; she helps him and sees his double side: his appreciation of Beauty, his world of Denial. Near the end of college she unburies her fears to a psychiatrist. Once out of school Rosetta feels unworthy of a career, marriage, or motherhood; she goes with a man and his son to live in Hawaii. There she gradually cuts her meds completely, and boards with a welfare mother. One day while babysitting Rosetta has an unconscious seizure; she wakes up with her bike overturned, the baby on the pavement; she realizes it is time to go home to her family. Rosetta asks her father to walk with her on the beach; he is distant. Frustrated, with suicidal thoughts, she fists the stars for help, has a Nervous Breakdown and meets a doctor who, though defiled by the father, does more than save her life.

Jennifer Haig was a Theater/Art History major at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, took advantage of their overseas curriculum in Greece and spent a semester in New York City. She did teacher training for an alternative educational program with emphasis in learning history and science through cultural and art, the foundation courses at the San Francisco Art University, and Botanical Art classes. A native of San Francisco she has also taken various docent classes with the Asian Art Museum and has interests in Art History and Anthropology.