The Sustainers by Betty L. Alt Dog Ear Featured Titles, Fiction - by - March 22, 2016
The Sustainers Betty L. Alt Pages: 164 ISBN: 978-145754-519-1 List Price: 14.95 Category: SciFi / Fiction Available: February 2016 Edition: Perfectbound In 2096, with worldwide starvation, all industrialized nations have outlawed private property. Citizens have been forced into living in huge tower complexes, and all land is now utilized solely for food production … Read More
Conscious Choices by Randy Eidson Dog Ear Featured Titles, Fiction - by - March 22, 2016
Conscious Choices Randy Eidson Pages: 272 ISBN: 978-145754-278-7 List Price: 14.95 Category: Literary Fiction Available: November 2015 Edition: Perfectbound Michael Halliday is doomed to hallucinations, psychosis and death within a year. Jared Felker conceives a project to give purpose to his friend’s last days. As the project advances, Michael confronts questions … Read More