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Catching a Shooting Star

Sabrina Mincin

Pages: 28
ISBN: 978-145750-862-2
List Price: 12.95
Category: Children’s Books
Available: January 2012
Edition: Saddle-stitch

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Nina and her mother can’t agree on where to go for a vacation. Her mother plans to visit California, but Nina has a plan of her own. Instead of going to California, Nina wants to catch a shooting star and travel to outer space! Join Nina as she jumps from planet to planet, tours the solar system and has adventures that don’t happen on Earth.

Sabrina Mincin, a sixteen year old from New Jersey, wrote Catching a Shooting Star when she was six years old. It never crossed her mind to publish the children’s book until she was a sophomore in high school. In addition, Sabrina is a compulsive book buyer and prefers to read books in class, rather than listening to her teachers’ lectures. Sabrina currently lives in Belleville, New Jersey and is at work on her next book.