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Call Me Thomas

Bonnie Culver

Pages: 100
ISBN: 978-145752-315-1
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: January 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Dreaming of being a leader, someone all the rats would admire, taking his place at the head of the pack, is Tom’s ultimate desire.
What Tom doesn’t have is confidence, nor a plan, nor a schedule, nor common sense.
He just has a dream that he keeps to himself, then with a sigh sets back on the shelf.
But something’s in store to wake this rat up, to make him start moving, get him off of his butt.
Kicked out of his pack, ‘cause he doesn’t obey, Tom needs to decide if he’s fighter or prey.
His future depends on the choices he makes when obstacles stand in his way.
Can Tom find the courage and strength that he needs to win at the end of the day?

I grew up with homemade bedtime stories told to me by my mother, father and older sister. It wasn’t until fifth grade, after writing my first poem that I realized telling stories was in my blood too.
Fiction has always intrigued me. It is always more fun to make something up and try to prove it, than to write something that had already happened.
Working in the high school library in a small Montana town, was the perfect backdrop to feed my desire to read and write more stories. I took every opportunity to convince the students they should do the same.
I have received diplomas from Institute of Children’s Literature for Writing for Children and Writing and Selling Children’s and Teenagers books.
My husband and I live in Eastern Montana and split my time between family and writing.