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by Faith – Live Life!

Terrell L. Sheppard

Pages: 136
ISBN: 978-145752-615-2
List Price: 14.99
Category: Inspirational
Edition: Perfectbound

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In every life there is happiness and sorrow, but for some the sorrow can be overwhelming. In by Faith, the author began his healing process by demonstrating that faith encourages healing and allows one to carry on their life’s mission.
With insight into childhood lessons, sports, mentors, family and friends, the story summarizes challenges, victories and encouragement, using biblical verses as applicable to everyday issues. Whether it is money and success, or temporary failures and defeat, the Bible holds explanations and guidance for every situation.
The life and insight of historical figures blends with Christian attributes in an attempt to explain why our changing world can often be so stressful, yet full of joy if we follow the teachings of Jesus and God’s purpose for our destinies. As each chapter opens with a biblical verse and then explores the targeted topic, uplifting messages are brought forth to clarify and strengthen the spiritual significance until the “final thought” is delivered and the lesson summarized in a truly inspiring manner.

After the death of his wife, Monica, following nearly 18 years of marriage, Terrell Sheppard added the title of author to his already busy world as a father of two, minister, and successful businessman. As the managing partner with Asset Management Group, he has over 15 years of finance and sales experience, and is well known as an expert financial advisor for small businesses.
He has received numerous awards for outstanding sales, service and management, and was inducted into the Who’s Who of Young Business Professionals in 2001. Mr. Sheppard is also a black belt in Taekwondo, as is his son, Brian.
Sheppard ran a radio talk show called Business of Politics with Terrell Sheppard until 2009, and in that same year, he launched a multi-dimensional youth ministry (REACHONE Ministries, Inc.) dedicated to providing spiritual, intellectual, and personal life sills in the areas of community, leadership, finance education and missions.
Mr. Sheppard is now happily married to Dr. Shirley Davis Sheppard, and along with her daughter Victoria, the family has embarked on a new life full of healing, spiritual insight and adventure.