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Brains Off

Dr. Chandra Mouli

Pages: 420
ISBN: 978-160844-598-1
List Price: 18.00
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2010
Edition: Perfectbound

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BRAINS OFF is the story of Captain Nicholas Lange and Colonel Michelle Lee of the Integrated Armed Forces Core Commando Group, Flagstaff, Arizona. Lange and Lee are the best action team in the business. But professional rivals of the worst kind! Enter Uncle Alex—the pastor who reveals that they are long-lost childhood friends. Tornadoes of rivalry end, and soon Cupid strikes. Lange and Lee are engaged, but a week before they are about to enter into wedlock, Lee is kidnapped and thrown to a watery grave in the Colorado River from atop the Grand Canyon. Even as Lange and the IAFCCG are recovering from the shock, a fortnight later, a multimillion-dollar bank robbery takes place. As the team of commandos battles the masked ninjas in the bank, Lange unmasks the leader— Colonel Michelle Lee! Compounding this shock is yet another daring escapade by ‘Lee’; this time it’s the theft lethal toxins from the National Federal Research Lab. Lange and his commander plan to bait the thieves, but something horrid goes wrong, and in the process… nuclear warheads go missing…en route Luke Air Force Base.
Lange is imprisoned for treason. He escapes from the Central Command Prison and tracks Lee, knowing that this is his only chance to solve the baffling riddle.
His search takes him to Doves Island near Santa Barbara.
There he finds Lee! But along with Lee, he stumbles upon a chilling past hibernating for more than a decade to wreak revenge on him! As Lange uncovers the entire plot, he knows that it is time to fight. To fight the deadly Wushu martial artist who looks like Michelle Lee, to fight the mad maniac that owns Doves Island, to fight his army of trained Ninjas… But above all, as every second passes, Lange knows that he has to win the ultimate battle of his life. Failure would herald the beginning of the first ever nuclear missile attack on the USA, starting from San Diego Naval Base down to Washington, D.C., into what may well be the dawn of WORLD WAR THREE–NUCLEAR!