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Born in Hong Kong to Become a World Citizen: Into an Emerging New World Order

Siao Liu

Pages: 404
ISBN: 978-145753-139-2
List Price: 19.95
Category: Autobiography & Biography
Edition: Perfectbound

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Growing up in China and around the world left its stamp on author Siao Liu. Born in British colonial Hong Kong amidst the chaos of the Japanese invasion of China and World War II, he went on to live in Chungqing, Beijing, Shengyang and Shanghai, China; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and the U.S. cities Philadelphia, New York City, Kalamzoo, Michigan and others. Traveling in Western Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, South America and Canada further broadened Siao’s world view. Born in Hong Kong to Become A World Citizen: Into an Emerging New World Order tells the story both of Siao’s life as a Chinese man and of the rise and fall of China, drawing on his understanding of the country’s ancient history and its modern-day political and cultural revolutions and how they relate to its relationships with the rest of the world. Siao shares his experiences as a world traveler and businessman and student of history, imparting the wisdom he’s learned through dealing with people from vastly different ethnicities and nationalities, races, cultures and religions. He hopes as other Chinese citizens explore the world that the world, in turn, can learn more about the thoughts and actions of his people.

Born prematurely in January 1939—the Year of the Tiger—in Hong Kong, Siao Liu and his family moved to Chungqing, wartime capital of China during the Sino Japanese War. They stayed until 1945 when Japan surrendered to the Allies, returning to Peiping (now Beijing), setting in motion a pattern that would featuring long migrations, starting with Taipei, Taiwan, where the Chinese Nationalist Government retreated after losing control of the continent to the Communist government in 1949. Siao’s family lived in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Brazil, and he now lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After a lifetime of travel, Siao considers himself a citizen of the world however holds China, America and Brazil as his most beloved countries.