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Bobo and the Pooch

Regina Allen-Wilson

Pages: 26
ISBN: 978-145752-084-6
List Price: 12.00
Category: Children’s Books
Available: June 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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BOBO AND THE POOCH is a children’s Book with a message for everyone about how accepting and valuing the differences and uniqueness of others can help develop and enhance friendships.
While using animals as the key characters, the author demonstrates how two unique creatures from different environments build a lasting friendship. In this story BOBO, a lonely bear cub, was afraid to approach a friendly puppy just because they were so different. BOBO overcomes his fears and gains a wonderful new friend as a result.

Regina Allen-Wilson is an award winning author and poet who has enjoyed writing since her early youth. Her recent books express her concerns for the youth today covering topics of self-esteem, embracing our uniqueness, differences, love of self and our fellow-man. In her children’s book “BOBO and the Pooch,” she playfully expresses how a lonely bear cub finds the courage to approach an animal totally different from himself, a friendly puppy. In doing so he finds true friendship he so desperately desired.