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Bike Packing 202: A Complete Guide –
Everything You Should Have Learned in 101 and a Lot More

William R. Lamb

Pages: 78
ISBN: 978-145756-837-4
List Price: 14.99
Available: January 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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Whether you are new to the sport of bike packing or a seasoned veteran, Bike Packing 202: A Complete Guide provides all the information you need, from getting started to doing the Tour Divide and everything in between. This book provides proven tips and advice, based on the author’s own experiences. It will help you avoid many common mistakes made when it comes to choosing the right bike, outfitting the bike as well as yourself with the proper gear, planning and preparing for an adventure, and nutrition along the way. Most of all, it will help you to plan and carry out a safe and memorable bike packing experience. One word of warning: bike packing is extremely addicting and overwhelmingly good for your soul!

William R. Lamb, a PGA golf professional of 25 years, took up mountain biking at the age of 53, and four years later he completed the Tour Divide, a 3,000-mile mountain bike endurance race in the wilderness from Banff, Canada, to Mexico. It was an adventure that, combined with the birth of his youngest grandson, changed his life forever and inspired him to write From There to Here, an inspirational book about his life. William currently serves as a professor in the Lifetime Fitness department at Baylor University. He has a wife, three sons, and four grandchildren, all of whom he loves dearly. Most of all, he believes Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and he wants others to know of God’s salvation through Christ, His Son.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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