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Best Strategies for Pre-Algebra
WIth Basic Algebra

ALCO Mathematic
Tutorial Series AEZ

Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-145752-355-7
List Price: 19.99
Category: Prof. Reference & Textbooks
Edition: Perfectbound

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This textbook is designed around the philosophy that students do bett er in math and science if they have a real percepti on of the fundamental concepts of mathemati cs. The content within this textbook fi rst places an emphasis on developing a strategy for solving math problems which will mentally lead the problem solver towards a soluti on. Secondly, this text encourages the problem solver to visualize images such as charts, graphs, sketches or models to support that strategy. These steps encourage a student to think their way through each problem so they will understand the concepts rather than to make an att empt to memorize a way to get an answer. Successful math students understand the concepts while other students att empt to memorize and duplicate. This text encourages students to develop an understanding approach to problem solving as they solve more than 1100 progressively challenging problems. “Best Strategies for Pre-Algebra with Basic Algebra” is writt en in a concise and sequenti al manner that will promote student interest and effi ciency. This text demonstrates the necessary fundamentals taught in Pre-Algebra and it also includes two additi onal chapters of Algebra, which emphasizes the use of variables, as well as, graphing, writi ng, and solving linear equati ons. The content of this book was writt en to fulfi ll the needs of any middle school or high school Pre-Algebra course. Any student of higher level mathemati cs could also use this text to refresh their memory on the fundamentals of Pre-Algebra. The dimensions of this 6” by 9” textbook makes it light and easy to carry. Special important facts, concepts, or diagrams are emphasized in color. The concise descripti ons of why and how problems are simplifi ed will keep students interested. This text should fulfi ll the requirements of any Pre-Algebra class or could be used to supplement any school’s current math program. Also “Best Strategies for Pre-Algebra with Basic Algebra” would be a great text for home schooling.

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