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Bane of Evil: Book 1 of the Scourge of Saventia Trilogy

F. N. Scott

Pages: 316
ISBN: 978-145752-816-3
List Price: 17.95
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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In the unforgiving lands of Saventia, two brothers unite on their southern homestead. After learning of an ancient evil plaguing the lands in the North, the brothers are compelled to embark on the perilous journey together and stop the spreading malevolence at its very source. As the Southern Lands plunge into chaos when the plot of a cursed necromancer is revealed, the brothers must press ever onward in their journey, all the while facing truths and falsehoods concerning the world around them. Suffering crushing losses and gaining unlikely companionship along the way, allies are sought through the aid of the dwarves, elves, and gnomes. And even the least likely of all places: orcs and dragons. How will the brothers stop what is thought to be unstoppable? Are the dragons truly friend or foe? With enemies at every turn, how long will the brothers be able to endure? Saventia is changing. Peace is shattered. Foul, insidious creatures prowl the wilds, endangering the kingdoms and townships scattered throughout the land. Rumors abound concerning the reappearance of dragons; their sightings an ill omen. Magic, once dwindling, is now on the rise. Allies and companions gained are not all who they appear to be. And an ancient artifact is unearthed as the threat in the North expands, seeping into the Southern Lands with vile intent, spurning the brothers to continue their journey as they desperately try to stay ahead of the advancing enemy. As the brothers approach their fi nal destination in a mystical world doused with legends and rumors, one fact remains above all: the necromancer must be confronted and stopped. But success has its own price. Will the cost be too high for even the brothers to afford? Bane of Evil: Book I of the Scourge of Saventia Trilogy chronicles the beginning of an epic adventure two brothers must take in order to free the lands of the growing threat in the North.

F. N. Scott is a pseudonym of James Young, prior military medic and civilian healthcare practitioner turned author. As a debut indie novelist, Bane of Evil is his fi rst published work. Hobbies include writing, reading (fantasy, sci-fi , historical fi ction, and the classics), scheming plots to take over the world, and trying to survive as a starving artist. You can follow F. N. Scott on Twitter @FNScotty.