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Dog Ear Publishing has begun a new service, packaging three of the top reviewing services together for its authors to maximize their opportunity for exposure.

Receiving reviews from the publishing industry’s top-rated services is a snap for self-publishing authors signed up with Dog Ear Publishing, based in Indianapolis. The company recently began offering a Book Review Combo service that helps its authors get feedback from BlueInk Review, Foreward Clarion Review and Kirkus Reviews.

The companies included in Dog Ear Publishing reviews services each offer something a little different for authors, but as a whole the review combo service offers the greatest reach by including three of the top reviewers in the industry, said Matt Murry, director of new product development and manager of author services at Dog Ear Publishing.

“Each has vast subscribership to their websites, newsletters and print publications. Moreover, each has unique syndication for their reviews, beyond their own media,” he said.

“An author who is reviewed positively by all three could see mentions for his book through Ingram iPage, Oasis database, editorial reviews section of B&N, Baker & Taylor, Bowker, Cengage, EBSCO and more. This particular Dog Ear Publishing reviews service also includes advertising through Ingram’s Advance, Children’s or Christian catalogues as a capstone feature of this full circle service.”

BlueInk Review, founded by a literary agent and an award-winning book review editor, is considered the “gold standard” in reviews of self-published work. Its honest appraisals are written by professionals drawn mainly from mainstream media outlets or editors who have worked at respected publishing houses.

BlueInk highlights praiseworthy books for readers and industry professionals, listing reviews on its website and through both the Oasis database and Ingram iPage. In addition, authors can approve excerpts from their review under the editorial reviews section of their listing through B&N. A few titles are highlighted in a newsletter sent to librarians, booksellers and editors, as well as through BlueInk’s social media.

Foreword Clarion Review, the industry’s first fee-for-review service for self-published and independent work, connects stories with librarians, booksellers and readers excited to hear more about new indie literature. Reviews are posted on the company’s website and distributed and licensed through wholesalers and distributors such as Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bowker, Cengage and EBSCO.

Its reviews contain three parts, all of which add up to a marketing effort with many aspects. They begin with a “money quote,” which contains dynamic language easily used for promotional pieces or on a book cover. A one-paragraph mini-review for online platforms follows. Finally, Foreword Clarion provides a comprehensive critique that touches on everything from plot, style, pacing and characters to packaging. It gives a star rating to each title.

Once the reviews are in from the three services, Dog Ear’s staff steps in to help authors promote their books.

“We advise authors on maximizing the use of reviews in their marketing efforts,” Murry said. “Reviews should appear on (or in) the author’s book, blog posts, social media pages, video book trailers, press releases, and through various book related, online communities and platforms like Goodreads and Amazon Authorcentral pages.”

To learn more about the Book Review Combo, which pairs three of the most important book review services and syndicates to the trade, visit https://www.dogearpublishing.net/book-marketing-services/marketing-book-review-combo.php.

For more information about Kirkus Reviews, visit https://www.dogearpublishing.net/book-marketing-services/marketing-kirkus-reviews.php.

For information about the partnership between Dog Ear and NetGalley, visit https://www.dogearpublishing.net/book-marketing-services/marketing-netgalley.php.

To read what authors have to say about Dog Ear Publishing, visit https://www.dogearpublishing.net/testimonials.php.


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