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As i Walk: My Spiritual Journey

C. Montgomery

Pages: 120
ISBN: 978-145752-133-1
List Price: 14.95
Available: September 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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As i Walk, gives the reader a close-up view in the mind of the author, as she embarks on what she considers her walk on the road to Damascus. Each poem depicts specific events in and around her life, which she attributes, to the hand of God, for inspiring her thoughts as He guides her hand in writing these poems. She now, has a bond with our Lord, as He continually plant seeds into her heart and writings, which are designed to wake a dormant mind, and spark that natural curiosity we have to seek what is, or is not true. These poems have afforded, the opportunity for the author to review her life, and to see how God’s unconditional love had kept her from straying too far from Him, even in her darkest hours.

The poems have been categorized into three sections, titled. Acknowledgement and Praises, Tending the Temple, and Preparing our Youth.

The small i in the title depicts the author’s image of herself in communication with our Lord and in this world. As i Walk, has helped the author communicate many concerns, which, she was unable to express verbally, but, if you’ve ever separated yourself from the distractions of this world to ask of God your purpose on this earth, I believe you will be able to relate to what God has done in these writings. These poems are a gateway into the past, present and the future because, we’ve all dealt with heartache, hardship or even doubts of our very existence. It is her sincerely hope, that you, the reader, get as much out of these poems as the she has, which has been for her, a way to give God the praises, which He so truly deserve, for, without Him, none of this would be possible, which includes the knowledge she has knowing of His presence in her life all along.

Acknowledgement and Praises: As the author reflects on her past and present circumstances, God shows her how He has always had a hand in her life, and how He has carried her through, that she may be His light to help others with her testimonies of similar situations, while He is preparing her for her spiritual gowth.

Preparing our Youth: Reminds us that guidance should not be of the flesh, but, of the spirit, as we teach our youth, not by tradition, but, by faith in our daily walk with God.

Tending the Temple: Reminds the reader of the importance of obedience in following the Word of God in feeding and maintaining the healthy bodies God has created us to have.

Ms. Montgomery, born a native of Detroit Michigan, Mother and grandmother, a retired postal worker with no prior training in literary or poetic writings. She had no idea writing, or even publishing a book would play any part of her life, until about two years ago, during a period of fasting to the Lord, with this question, “What was her purpose in serving Him?” During her fast, she had separated herself from the distractions in her life, such as telephone, television and personal contact, which she felt, tend to interfere with our spiritual receptors. In that time she spent with the Lord, she felt a strong urge to get a notebook and pencil to write with. Unknowing to her, “As i Walk”, was a project the Lord had already selected her to use as His vessel in creating it. May His will always be done in my life. Amen

As one poem after another was written, she was astounded how God was pulling out of her heart, thoughts she had never envisioned being able to express verbally on in writings. As she saw the writings, heart could do nothing but, give praises to His Majesty, because, she knew, her writing abilities were so limited that it had to be Him in His glory, writing poem after poem, reading thoughts right out of her head, but, giving them a meaning of understanding.

Astounded, yet, fearful that no one wanted to hear what she was feeling and that she would be embarrassed having her thoughts read, or otherwise be offensive, because, of the privacy she felt her thoughts required, until God opened her eyes to see the benefit of her thoughts being a testimony to someone who has or is still experiencing the same or similar circumstances. Our testimonies are to empower others to know, God has brought us through our ordeals and will do the same for them. Praying the Lord keep you all in His mercy and grace. Amen