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Angel Landing: A Mark Jamison Thriller

Avery Mann

Pages: 132
ISBN: 978-145751-984-0
List Price: 14.95
Available: June 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Former government agent and think-tank director Mark Jamison needs a quiet coastal refuge for his breathing problems, and maybe some space to sort out his life and what remains of his marriage. What he finds in the mysterious little village of Angel Landing quickly escalates into a series of adventures to save the planet, or at least its male inhabitants, and soon forces him to confront his past and the assumptions that brought him here.
The composite Marin community of Angel Landing is brimming with secrets that an aging investigator can’t ignore, especially when the old house he rents puts him smack in the middle of Wiccans chasing the secret of human reproduction without the untidiness of needing men in the effort. The intrigue compounds when the government enlists his help to locate nuclear devices which have entered the Golden Gate, but vanished without a trace. Through a bizarre series of twists, all connect up and relate back through the fog of Angel Landing and his own past.
In Angel Landing, witches and Wiccans are not confined to fairy tales, and parthenogenesis and nuclear threats are not pipe dreams.
Angel Landing is intended as the first of a series of adventures of Mark Jamison, based on the author’s own breadth of experiences around the world.

Former legal counsel to a Pulitzer Prize winning author and playwright, Avery Mann now takes his own lifetime of experience as a diplomat, think tank director and government adviser to present an exciting new work of fiction and the launch of a new series, the Mark Jamison adventures.