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And Down Will Come Baby

Anna Louise

Pages: 280
ISBN: 978-145751-494-4
List Price: 14.95
Available: February 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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And Down Will Come Baby is a horror story filled to capacity with monsters gone mad and their decent into the sadism of physiological and psychological child abuse, generously bestowed upon the innocents who are to become the next generation’s predators.
This gripping, well-crafted tale is told by the often naïve Sophie Malone, caregiver to ten children convicted of sexual crimes, children who have themselves been chillingly abused at the hands of familial pedophiles, sociopaths, drug addicts, and one hell-bound priest.
The author stirs together themes of indelible abuse with goodly spoonfuls of idealistic legal and foster-care systems, bringing the reader fantastically close to the vividly flawed characters where preconceptions are outdated, and demonstrating the horrific outcomes of children who, if abused and exploited enough, return to their most fundamental survival instincts to hurt, rape, and even murder. These are the children willing to give up their souls in exchange for getting needs met, anyway they can.
And Down Will Come Baby is a palpable story of raw emotion taken beyond the edges of darkness, with a view of human nature at its worst. A story of monsters so terrifyingly depicted they will keep the reader awake long into the night wondering, “What if?”

Anna Louise sold her first story in 1987. She is an editor, journalist, author, public speaker, and has been foster parent to over thirty-five children. She is also a survivor of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse.
Anna is currently working on her second book, Through the Rabbit Hole, which gives the reader an in-depth look at the exploding and very profitable business of sexual slavery. Due out in late 2013.