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All Is for the Best

Tim Pembroke

Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-145757-165-7
List Price: 12.99
Category: Fiction
Available: December 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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A no-holds-barred lampoon of today’s America—the corruption of the financial elites and the system that enables them, the ludicrous hype surrounding technology companies and their founders, and the blatant hypocrisy of…pretty much everyone.

Giles Goodenough is a Wall Street research analyst coasting through life on luck and privilege. In an open marriage to the luscious exstripper Cherry, he seems to have it made. But behind his air of nonchalance lurks a deep insecurity.

Peter Silver is the billionaire founder of hedge fund POS Capital, whose monuments to his ego hint at his sociopathic tendencies. Desperate to sate his greed, the latest target of his speculation is Zyxview, a company founded by Egon Crump, a neurotic and lecherous tech showman with a penchant for fur vests and narcotics.

When Peter hires Giles as an “expert” on Zyxview—and orders him to get to know Egon “better than anyone”—he sets in motion a train of events that takes the reader on a farcical and uncomfortable ride through the inner workings of our broken financial system.

Riotously funny at times, dark and depressing at others, Tim Pembroke’s novel transports us to a world where it seems, at first glance, that very little is for the best.

Tim Pembroke is a forty-something recovering hedge fund manager. Born in London and educated at St. Paul’s School and Oxford University, he sacrificed his love of Classics for a Wall Street career, moving to New York City in 2000. After a sojourn at Harvard Business School, he made the leap to Silicon Valley, where, in 2008, he co-founded a technology-focused hedge fund, retiring as soon as his partners could practicably get rid of him. Despite his best efforts to escape the bubble, he still lives with his wife and three daughters near Palo Alto, CA. All Is For The Best is the first novel he is admitting to.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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