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Accidental Destiny

Jack Hammer

Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-145752-800-2
List Price: 13.95
Available: May 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Jack Hammer is not a rogue detective. Neither is he a clandestine operative for some secret government agency. Nor is he a major crime fi ghter and he defi nitely is not a super hero. He’s just your average guy. Why would any reasonably sane person or organization want to cause this guy harm? Maybe the operative word is “sane” or maybe it’s a case of mistaken identity. Whatever it is it threatens the life of Jack Hammer. His life is changed by his actions and their consequences in response to an apparent “road rage” incident. Are those questionable actions unethical, or criminal in the eyes of the court? If so, can they be shared with anyone? If not, what happens to this man? Maybe he’s not the most generic guy anyone could know. And…maybe this is the story that can never be told.

Jack Hammer is the pseudonym of Ed Hammersten, a retired career educator who was born, raised and practiced his profession in Minnesota. He is a literary product of his culture and his environment and has always been intrigued by the stories that have mystique and conspiracy or deception. It’s these stories that may or may not be told, shouldn’t get told or, seemingly, can’t be told. This potentially is the fi rst of a series of such tales. He presently resides in Northern Minnesota where he enjoys golf, fi shing, hiking, and the great outdoors.