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A Sum of Reflections: One Gay Man’s Journey

Dennis Alan Kasten

Pages: 156
ISBN: 978-145752-294-9
List Price: 14.95
Available: November 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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The journey toward self-actualization in today’s society is not always an easy one. In Dennis Alan Kasten’s touching memoir, however, the personal journey of a gay man in modern America is tenderly documented and reflected upon with startling honesty and poignancy. His struggles, his triumphs, his joys, and overall, his love of music—especially the piano—are all shared as the author takes us through his life and teaches us that the true meaning of our existence is to find the rainbow within: We must learn to celebrate our individuality, our special gifts and talents, and our uniqueness as someone specially created by God. This tale is that of a journey of hardships, love, loss, discrimination, betrayal, grief, fortitude, and above all, enduring hope.

Dennis Alan Kasten is an accomplished pianist, former model, retired psychologist, and published author.

As a pianist, Dennis received his training primarily from Irving Schwerke, an international music critic and musician who emigrated from Paris, France, to Appleton, Wisconsin, where he established the Gibson-Schwerke music studio. Dennis previously performed as a soloist in dining rooms in San Francisco and New York City, and currently performs at the Daniel Webster Inn on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

As a counseling and consulting psychologist, Dennis’s professional career spanned approximately twenty-five years with the South Bay Center for Psychology, Orlando, Florida; Dyker Heights Counseling Center, Brooklyn, New York; and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Oakland, California. He received his education at City College of San Francisco, the University of Wisconsin, and San Francisco State University.

This is Dennis’s first published book. Now enjoying retirement, he lives on Cape Cod with his partner, Robb, and their small Lhasa apso, Desi. Dennis enjoys piano, gardening, swimming, bowling, and reading.