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A Slippage In Time

Michael Putzer

Pages: 422
ISBN: 978-145750-608-6
List Price: 17.00
Category: Fiction
Available: September 2011
Edition: Perfectbound

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It all begins innocently enough when Nancy Monroe, a young single 25-year-old high school teacher from Appleton, Wisconsin and three of her close friends decided to take a skiing trip to Hurley, Wisconsin over the Thanksgiving weekend. The only problem was when they arrived there was no snow.

On the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, Nancy Monroe and her three girlfriends enter a small town café for breakfast and Nancy began to feel sick. Finding the unisex bathroom occupied she tried another door marked Private, hoping that perhaps to find an employee’s bathroom. What happens to Nancy was not anything she could have imagined. Nancy’s life is forever changed. After leaving the room marked private by another door, she mysteriously finds herself in another time.

Nancy soon learns that she has been thrust unto the world of 1941 just before the Japanese are about to attack Pearl Harbor. Unable to find a way back to the present Nancy finds refuge with a widowed nurse, Martha Laine. There she continues to struggle to fit into the world of 1941 knowing the awful future that awaits the United States.

Unknown to Nancy Monroe, Robert Rahn, once a highly successful New York stockbroker recovering from a mental breakdown now living in Northern Wisconsin reads of her disappearance in the local newspaper and is intrigued. Emphatically he pursues her case seeking a logical explanation. Unable to find one his only option is to consider the paranormal.

As Robert Rahn continues to investigate the case, he finds that he is falling in love with Nancy Monroe, a woman he has never met. His quest to find Nancy Monroe leads him into a world he could never have imagined.

A Slippage in Time is Michael Putzer third novel. His other two novels are A Winter’s Rage and The Church. Retired he lives outside of Hurley, Wisconsin with his wife, Donna and their dog, China, a Chinese Shar-pei.