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A Pretty Good Kid: The Early Life and Times of Jimmy Jake Klaver

James C. Klaver

Pages: 180
ISBN: 978-145752-477-6
List Price: 29.95
Category: Autobiography & Biography
Available: December 2013
Edition: Hardcover (DJ)

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When someone advancing in years thinks about writing an autobiography of sorts, it is often a manuscript that only their family and immediate friends would be interested in reading. However, Jake Klaver has placed a different “twist” on this idea of recording his family history.
Spread over the pages of this compelling, funny, and heartwarming story are interesting facts, family incidents, accounts of relatives, and childhood antics that will appeal not just to those who are familiar with the author, but absolute strangers getting a poignant glimpse into a Midwestern boy’s childhood and coming of age.
Life was simple in small-town Kansas during the 1950s and 1960s, and the author brilliantly tells his tale of boyhood pranks, bonding with family members, a loving home with his parents and brother, in spite of the untimely death of a young sister, and how his experiences all helped to create the man he eventually became.
Not only is this a wonderful example of an entertaining way to leave a family history for Klaver’s children and relatives, but an outstanding guide for anyone who plans to write some history for their loved ones to connect with their roots.

As the president of Klaver Construction Company, Inc., a highway construction company started by his late father, James Klaver has an extremely busy life. However, his priorities lie with his wife, Becky, and their adult children and grandchildren.
After graduating from the University of Kansas with a B.S. in Accounting, spending a year on active duty with the Air Force training to be a navigator for the Kansas Air National Guard, and returning to school, achieving his law degree from KU, James established his home in Wichita, Kansas.
He is a director on the board of a country bank, past president of the Kansas Contractors Association, and a past board member of several other organizations.
He and Becky spent a great deal of time with their children and 10 grandchildren.