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A Little Book for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Celia Koudele

Pages: 116
ISBN: 978-145752-912-2
List Price: 12.95
Category: Health, Self-Help & Spirituality
Edition: Perfectbound

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I know what it feels like to be exhausted, afraid and sad because the Mother I knew was slipping away, and I didn’t have the energy or knowledge to make it better. This Alzheimer’s Caregivers book is short and simple. It covers the emotions, daily living problems and the big decisions about placing them in a facility. It is for all of you pretending they “aren’t that bad” while quality time slips away. Denial hurts everyone. There are ideas to cope with anger, bathing and wandering. But always remember no one is promised forever, we all get one day at a time.

Celia Koudele is passionate about this disease. She wants to help others learn about it, recognize it, and deal with it. Her mother, grandmother, and an aunt all died from Alzheimer’s. It is in her past, present, and probably her future. She shares your journey in many ways. “Celia, in her book, “The Little Book for Alzheimer’s Caregivers,” provides hands on, first person knowledge for anyone dealing with a person with Alzheimer’s disease. Personally the skills she possesses as a caregiver herself, as well as her many years as Family Care Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association Central and Western Kansas, assisting families, friends, and caregivers provides great knowledge to make things better. The information she provides is down to earth, common sense tactics. This is an easy to read, easy to understand approach for anyone dealing with Alzheimer’s disease caregiving.