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A Good Walk Unspoiled

Colin R. Braithwaite

Pages: 268
ISBN: 978-145752-764-7
List Price: 14.95
Category: Nonfiction
Available: July 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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A Good Walk Unspoiled is a quest. The day I met Bob Hylen my life changed. He started me on a journey where I attempted the unthinkable and overcame trials and tribulations that were not for the faint of heart. My quest was transformational and life altering. This goal was not achieved in a vacuum. I had lots of help along the way. This quest was a multigenerational, multicultural story with the common thread being a medieval game. This game, golf, is like no other. It is a game of self-awareness and integrity. It is a game with personal accountability. A game that is self-policing, where we call penalties on ourselves. A game that needs to be nurtured, cherished and passed on so that future generations can learn and apply its lessons.

Colin Braithwaite is not a New York Times bestselling author, Pulitzer Prize winner or even a Club Champion (although he has met a few). While Colin has won a few awards, none are for his writing even though he has published several articles. Colin grew up in New England as the youngest of three boys with fi ve younger sisters. He was fi rst exposed to golf through the caddy program at Marshfi eld Country Club. Colin and his wife Beth have three adult daughters and reside in Franklin, Tennessee. His day job is leading a consulting company. If he is not busy working, it is a pretty safe bet that he is either playing golf, just fi nished playing golf or is about to start playing golf somewhere! Colin is an avid Red Sox and Florida Gator fan.