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A Garden of Recipes

Anne Stewart Coldren

Pages: 212
ISBN: 978-145752-388-5
List Price: 26.00
Category: Cookbooks
Available: March 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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This is a must have book! Beautifully illustrated by the author. Anne gives us interesting facts about each fruit and vegtable adding personal stories centered around her father’s garden. The author then went on to develop her own recipes. This book makes a perfect gift for yourself and anyone you care about. Enjoy!

As a child, Anne would ask Her Grandmother and Great Aunt to let her help prepare the Sunday Dinner for the Family in their large Kitchen. Nana told her that if she wanted to learn to be a good cook,“Go sit over there on the tall green wooden stool and watch everything they did.” Excellent advice. In later years,known as the family cook, Anne has gathered fine recipes and studied the techniques of some of the finest chefs her entire adult life. Starting with French cuisine she studied under Jon Lou’ie at the Stone House in Exton, Pa. She supplied the pastries for professional caterers and founded the Spring Luncheon for the “Historic Preservation Trust” for which she created new recipes which was looked forward to by everyone each year. Her collection of cookbooks which date to the 18th century is rivaled by none.