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A Fisherman’s Wildlife

John E. Moore

Pages: 94
ISBN: 978-145755-233-5
List Price: 39.95
Available: December 2016
Edition: Hardcover (No DJ)

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When a person spends a lot of time in the outdoors, especially in wilderness areas, wildlife will be encountered. If a camera is handy, those encounters will result in some photos. When weeks at a time are spent in those areas researching lakes and trails for guidebooks, the number of pictures taken starts to add up pretty quickly. This book includes photographs of moose, mountain goats, antelope, deer, bison and bear. The photos were taken in the states of Washington, Idaho and Montana, and most were taken at very close range.

The author is a native of northwest Washington, residing in Mount Vernon. Eleven of his twelve previously published books have been regional fishing and hiking guidebooks for lakes in the states of Washington, Idaho and Montana. The twelfth book is a biography of his father, Chuck Moore.

Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson

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