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A Christmas Reckoning

Arthur Wilson

Pages: 188
ISBN: 978-145752-358-8
List Price: 12.95
Category: Fiction
Available: November 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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“A Christmas Reckoning” is a contemporary story set primarily in Downtown Chicago. It is about a group of folks that are brought together in an Antique Shop on Christmas Eve. They come from diverse backgrounds, but share the burden of an unexpected and radical weather change. Other concerns, however, have the potential to be more troubling. All will find themselves in some way dependent on one another, but will they welcome these interactions? Can they let go of past practices and prejudices? Will the dim light of the season ever find a way to glow?

Art Wilson is a native Chicagoan, raised on the Southside in the Back of the Yards Neighborhood. He is a Mechanical Engineer and used his developed skills to manage projects in various industries for nearly thirty years and then changed roles to work as a Controller for his oldest son’s company. He and his loving wife Gayle have raised five sons all of which have made them very proud. The marriages of three of them (and more coming) have provided eight wonderful grandchildren that are a source of joy, amusement and great satisfaction. Art’s passions are his love of God, family and country and of course, his favorite hobby, writing. His inspirations were also influenced by the people he grew up with. There was a strong religious role played by his mom and also a bevy of experiences and lessons shared with siblings, friends, neighbors, teachers, employers and other mentors. Art is currently working on several other books that he hopes to publish soon. One of these is the story of his life while growing up in the Back of the Yards. It was and still is Art’s belief that being a dedicated marriage partner, parent and provider should come before other life pursuits such as hobbies. He feels now though that he has reached the time in his life where he can give his writing a bigger focus. All of Art’s books are (and will be) built on the premise that there is a good and loving God that actively intervenes in our lives, because that is what Art has experienced in his own.