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A Bolt of Crimson

Katherine Kranz

Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-145753-282-5
List Price: 22.95
Category: Fiction
Available: October 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Within the shadows of New York, Centuries old tensions between sanguineous predators and electro-kinetic psychics known as Seers reach a peak when vampire Lived seeks vengeance for his past. Loyal to him are Michael, short-tempered yet highly capable, and Vigo, a human who is unaware of his own complicated history. Unbeknownst to them Drake, a vampire burdened with sorrowful memories shared with Lived and much to atone for, leads a counter effort. A night of tailing Michael and Vigo proves pivotal as Drake watches young news anchor Monica entangle herself in the struggle and she is forced to face the supernatural world she never knew existed. Together they learn a shocking truth from a beautiful Seer named Pricilla. Mournful and reclusive, Pricilla reluctantly details the loss of her infant son years ago. This tragedy will become one that ties each of them together in a story of betrayal and revenge.

While enjoying contributing film reviews to her local newspaper, Katherine has always hoped of becoming a storyteller herself. An enthusiast of both cinema and the written word, Katherine studied at the New York Film Academy. She presently resides in Long Island.