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50 Semblances

Vasile Munteanu

Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-145753-063-0
List Price: 40.00
Available: July 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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The book is a collection of poems dealing with various themes, emotions, and mental states, the overarching, unifying idea being similarity. Similarity can be both reassuring and deceiving depending on one’s vantage point at a particular time. Familiarity tends to make one wish for the past while also lulling the mind into a state of false security. The deceiving side of similarity may bring about the idea that change has not or cannot occur when in reality fundamental chages have already taken place. The poems try to describe some of these occurances.

Vasile Munteanu earned advanced degrees in both Literature and Philosophy. He teaches at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. He has written a number of other works in different genera.