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1/2 Circle Stone Bench

Pam Swisher

Pages: 112
ISBN: 978-145752-552-0
List Price: 10.95
Category: Inspirational
Available: April 2014
Edition: Perfectbound

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Miracles Happen! What does this all mean? How do they know she’s an angel? The story begins and ends with Rose and a ½ Circle Stone Bench. In two different generations, two different places, Rose taught both Martha and Matthew how to change their painful thinking 180 degrees.
Rose is a nurse in the local clinic attending to Martha, Adam’s wife, after the death of their baby. Martha is overcome with grief and desperately needs a way out of her pain. Rose offers Martha her own story of loss and God’s guidance through the pain by the act of forgiveness. A generation later, a student named Rose is at the same school with a high school misfit named Matthew, who is struggling with his dysfunctional home life of lies and abuse. Through Rose, who shares her own story of healing on a ½ circle stone bench in Maui, Matthew finds his voice and his future through forgiveness and gratitude. Fifty years later the two different generations meet in Maui at a Hieau, or spiritual site, a ½ circle stone bench and healings occur which mirror Martha’s and Matthews. Adam, the rancher and Louise, Matthew’s fiancée, come together weaving the distant parts into a whole and the miracle happens again. The purpose of the story is to entertain the reader as well as demonstrate how the act of forgiveness, produces gratitude, serenity, peace and a freedom to serve God as an instrument of love and live our lives beyond our wildest dreams.

I am thrilled to finally share Rose with you. I loved writing ½ Circle Stone Bench because the theme of the story actually happened in my life and changed it for the better. My husband and I were on a business trip to Maui and my old lifestyle was right in front of my face, money, power, and life on the fast track. Finally, after a full day of activities, I wondered down to the beach deep in thoughts about the new choices I had made in my life and how living those consequences wasn’t so easy in this environment. I saw a ½ circle stone bench facing the ocean away from the resort patio bar. I sat down alone but only for a short while before a stranger interrupted my deepening thoughts of despair. The woman, dressed in a multicolored swirling dress, large rainbow frame glasses and bright curly red hair asked if she could join me. She didn’t look like the typical convention guest. She introduced herself as Rose. I promptly asked her why she was at the resort. She said she was waiting for her friend to join her for dinner. Then she followed by asking me why I was in Maui and the conversation which followed focused on the very questions I had been asking myself before her arrival. She shared her life and the choices she had made which mirrored mine. She survived and thrived through her decisions and the conversation showed me how to walk through my fears instead of looking back in regret. Rose talked about the Voice of God guiding her to change her life’s direction and move to the island of Maui. She obeyed the Voice and through sharing her story with me, I was moved 180 degrees away from fear into gratitude and hope. Before we parted I asked for an e-mail and phone number. She gladly responded and shared both with me. After I got back home to Wyoming, I couldn’t wait to thank her. I e-mailed her and it was returned as undeliverable. I called and the number was no longer in service. That is when I realized it didn’t matter if I spoke with her again or not. Rose saved me from heading back into my old ways of living life and through our conversation she changed my fear and doubts to hope and love. God sent his angel, Rose, to the ½ circle stone bench and a miracle happened.