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Connected Guy

Frank Zazza

Pages: 290
ISBN: 978-145754-241-1
List Price: 29.95
Available: August 1 2017
Edition: Hardcover (DJ)

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Creative Statement

I’ve been waiting thirty years to tell this story. I grew up in Brooklyn, only son to an Italian immigrant father and mother. My father was a Longshoreman, broke his ass on the docks to put food on the table. As for my mother, well, I was the apple of her eye. Unfortunately, they both died of cancer when I was in my twenties.

I am a survivor. My creed was to always have my shit together when opportunity knocks. That opportunity came my way in the summer of 1982 when I was the manager of one of the hottest clubs in New York.


A quick-witted club manager reunites The French Connection only to find out that his greedy wiseguy connections have made other plans about his future.


Wisecracking, fast-talking Jimmy Valentino is not really connected to the Mob. He just makes his nightclub their favorite place to party. That all changes the night Marcel and his crew walk in. They want to restart The French Connection—the infamous drug supply route. They ask Jimmy to set up a meeting with his Italian club patrons who are wiseguys. As a wannabe connected guy, Jimmy tells “Bobby Hops”, his only mob connection about the request. This triggers events that get Jimmy to take his newly found relationship with the Frenchmen to new levels. Soon Jimmy is in deeper than he ever wanted to be.

If that’s not bad enough, Jimmy is seductively wining and dining a savvy teacher from Queens who has only one flaw. Her protective and paranoid father is the head of a rival Mafia family.

This humorous crime drama vividly portrays New York in the 1980’s. Based on a true story, Connected Guy depicts an era in which greedy wiseguys ruled. Their mannerisms, the cadence of their speech, are captured perfectly in a saga that winds from Jimmy’s old Brooklyn neighborhood to the bright lights of New York’s club scene to hotel rooms in Midtown where the major players make the deals.

The Strength of a King

Terry M Clark

Pages: 88
ISBN: 978-159858-616-9
List Price: 11.95
Available: September 2008
Edition: Perfectbound

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In this refreshing, revelatory commentary on II Samuel chapter three, Overseer Clark takes a parabolic look at the attributes of a king and the leaders that surround him. He examines David’s process and helps us to understand and appreciate Gods purpose and process for our lives. David ‘s life was filled with highs and lows, and much of his destiny was intertwined with other men.
Some of witch had ulterior motives and hidden agendas. But the promise of Gods blessing and favor was always evident. In II Samuel chapter three we see that even with destiny on our side, we can be delayed, denied and even destroyed if we are not wise. Every promise of God is contingent, upon obedience, wisdom, time, season, and a number of other contributing factors. Overseer Clark insightfully looks at this season in David’s life extracting powerful truths and lessons that can help every leader no matter what level you may be currently on.

Overseer Clark is an exciting fresh voice in the Body of Christ. His message is profound, provocative and practical. He is blessed with a unique ability to rightly divide the word of truth.
His ability to inspire and motivate leaders has been widely recognized throughout the Body of Christ.
He has been married to the lovely First Lady Meshelle for over 23 years. They have two sons, TJ and Devon. He is the Senior Pastor of Christ Harvest Church, Charlotte, NC. He is currently serving under the covering of Bishop Eric K. Clark.
He is also a member of The African American Joint college of Pentecostal Bishops, head-quartered in Cleveland, Oh. Bishop J. Delano Ellis III founder.

The Capable Child for Life: How to Teach the Child about Art & Culture–For Life Without Knowing Anything Today: Art Rocks: Simon and Sophie Meet the Sculpture that Comes Alive

by bender

Pages: 46
ISBN: 978-145753-492-8
List Price: 19.95
Available: January 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

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The cousins ditch their class tour of the museum because art is BORING. But, while exploring all the rooms and corridors on their own, they enter a world of mystery and suspense.
This fantasy picture book for the seven to ten year old takes Simon and Sophie on a personalized tour of the museum by one of its sculptures.
Arthur, who was turned to stone with his grandfather years ago, comes to life when the cousins enter the room his exhibit is in. A er Simon and Sophie recover from the shock, Arthur shows them all the wonders the museum holds. But once the tour is over, he has to go back into the sculpture. Just before he freezes in place, he tells the cousins what they can do to help him and his grandfather become alive again . . . and stay alive.

Kenth Bender lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. His passion for painting began in 1987. But, in 2013, the fire in his heart and the passion for his painting exploded. This passion has led to solo exhibitions in Sweden and Germany. He has also been included in group participations in Sweden, United States of America, and Denmark.

Bender loves how art crosses all boundaries. His art allows him to symbolize with a stroke, colors, shapes, and design, things not easily described.

Once the painting is finished, Bender hands it over to the viewer. Although the viewer has no idea what the artist intended, a connection is made. This is the moment where the painting achieves greater things.

Art is to be interpreted. This means that the viewer creates a feeling or has particular thoughts about the painting. Since each viewer is unique, with his own personality and experiences, the interpretations will be unique and personal.

The author originally only worked in oils. In recent years though, he more often uses acrylic because it works better in the abstract art he now focuses on.

Bender paints to obtain a better understanding of the world, his surroundings, and himself. Painting helps develop understanding as an artist and also as a human being. Painting also fosters learning – there is always something to learn through art.

The author actively promotes his work and the world of art. He established Art Tour Europe 2014 and is in the process of launching Art Tour Europe 2016.

Lay Them Down To Sleep

Amos Williams

Pages: 186
ISBN: 978-145755-215-1
List Price: 12.99
Category: Fiction
Available: December 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

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When Officer Quynlin Lee leaves his beat and becomes a detective, he realizes that sometimes you get what you wished for. But working in the big leagues also means dealing with heartbreaking cases, and this one is no exception. Someone is killing children, and the Canton Police Department feels keenly the loss of one of its own when the daughter of Quynlin’s partner, Buster, is one of the victims. The case leads to Buster’s retirement and voluntary commitment to a mental health center—the same one where Quynlin’s own sister lives—when he can’t get the answers he seeks. In working to solve the case, Quynlin must also battle his own demons, including a serious heroin addiction and thoughts of suicide. And he has a daughter of his own who could fall prey to the Candy Man Killer. Clairvoyant visions from his sister, Amy Sue, give Quynlin and his partner some clues into the case, but can they solve it before the killer strikes again? Lay Them Down to Sleep takes readers on a twisting, turning ride of suspense as they follow the detective with raw edges and his determination to do whatever it takes to solve the case.

Stories have surrounded Amos L. Williams all of his life, and he grew up hearing some that were more exciting than fiction. The passionate storyteller used the emotions he still feels about his brother’s murder when the two were young men to create a sense of realism in his novel, imbuing his characters with the anger and pain of that violent act. He hopes readers enjoy the twists and turns of Lay Them Down to Sleep and follow along in Detective Quynlin Lee’s journey.

The World From Outside Its Box

Brent Lang

Pages: 204
ISBN: 978-145754-886-4
List Price: 14.99
Category: Health, Self-Help & Spirituality
Available: August 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

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The World from Outside Its Box takes an in-depth look at what many of us do not consider as we get caught up in our everyday routines, our collection of thoughts and emotions that wrap us up into what we think is our reality. The World from Outside Its Box is exactly that, a world from outside its box. Brent Lang takes the reader on a journey outside our world to religious tolerance, racial equality, and communication utopia while never reaching to bias the reader. The end of each chapter reaches for the pinnacle, the harmony that each one of us holds ourselves, and, as a result, each other from. The World from Outside Its Box takes us through many emotional adventures, culminating into the powerful metaphor that we are all divided because of our own reactions, attitudes, and behaviors, and that the issues humans face in the twenty-fi rst century are not because of any outside forces, but because of what is within. While this may be nothing radically different from what any of us should already know, the angle the author takes is something completely different from anything you have read. The only way to grasp the true measure of the messages within is to venture the journey for yourself. If you are ready, your reality will change!

Brent Lang is a poet, and now an author. He lives with his family in Streetsboro, Ohio.

Getting Students Seasoned: An Educator’s Guide to Teaching Students of All Ages to Cook and Maintaining Your Professional Shelf-Life

Ryan M. Judge

Pages: 44
ISBN: 978-145754-288-6
List Price: 14.99
Category: Prof. Reference & Textbooks
Available: November 2015
Edition: Perfectbound

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Getting Students Seasoned is a resource for educators who teach culinary arts at any level. Explore clear, concise, and practical methods to plan and deliver a cooking class in a highly effective manner and learn ways to manage a culinary classroom setting successfully. This guide also offers strategies to maintain your professional “shelf life” in this difficult but rewarding career.

Ryan Judge is an award-winning Career and Technical Education teacher from New York. His student-centered, experiential approach to education fosters student success and achievement. Ryan has a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education with concentrations in Culinary Arts and Leadership Studies from Johnson & Wales University, Denver, Colorado; a Master of Professional Studies in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and is currently working on a Doctorate of Education.He also owned a successful business teaching culinary arts to individuals of all ages.

Craps: The Ultimate Winning Strategies

Will Thomas, Jr.

Pages: 30
ISBN: 978-145755-223-6
List Price: 28.00
Available: December 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

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It all started back in Dec. 1989 after exchanging Christmas presents with my co-workers before leaving for Christmas & New Year Eve shut down. My present was a book about Craps! And I never really understood how to play it. My name is Will, and I’m a retired Marines Corps Vietnam Veterans, and I’ve always wonder what would it take and feels like to beat the casinos? I decided to browse through it and became fascinated with it challenges and sophisticated rules of the game. On November 02, 1990 I created my first matrix spread sheet for documenting my various strategies for beating the casinos and some (24) years later on October 05, 2014 and No one’s laughing now! My first successful “Break-Through” was during the summer of 2002 with my Wife Brenda and another couple agreed to invest what little funds ($500) we had together and Try out my Craps, Ultimate Winning Strategies at The Horizon Hotel Resort and Casino in South Shore Nevada. I will never forget the reception we got that afternoon from one of Craps Table Official by asking us, what did you guys do? Did you break into the Kid’s Piggy Bank? Ha, Ha, Ha, and in approximately (15) minutes into the game, they were calling me “Sir” and we were $2,500 ahead and left the casino a Winner! It’s all about Relationship, Diversity and Configurations between each bet! I’ve worked over (30) years in The Silicon Valley as a Documentation Specialist in Engineering’s Support dealing with Base-Line Configuration and Traceability of various “Projects”. I’ve simply transferred those skills into creating a Base-Line Configuration for Craps, The Ultimate Winning Strategies! I’ve learned over the year’s one of the main reasons why players consistently lose more often than not to the casinos is due to lack of knowledge and experience. I’ve done all the work and now all you have to do is master my strategies for success! By learning and applying my Craps, Ultimate Winning Strategies, it will prepare you to recognize those constantly changing conditions and when to Walk Away! I’ve learned over the years that one thing is for sure is that, your numbers will come up! And the trick is knowing how and when to bet! It’s all about Consistency and How Well You Prepare and Making the Right Choices to become “As Good as Any and Better than Most”.

Retired United States Marines Corps Vietnam Veteran served 13 months Tour of Duty in Vietnam 1967-68. Originally from Albany, Georgia where I graduate from Monroe High School Class of 1964 and where I met my “Sweet Georgia Peach” Brenda Faye (Johnson) Thomas on a “Blind Date”. We got married on March 20, 1969 and Moved to San Jose, CA. We have (2) sons Darrell & Randy and (4) grand-children (three boys & one girl). I’m now retired after (30) years of service as an Engineering Documentation Specialist throughout the Silicon Valley of Northern California. I’m part owner of Business Partnership LLC and I’m writing (3) books of my experiences.

Ha, Ha, There’s Rainbow All Over My Face!

Arden Thorsbakken

Pages: 28
ISBN: 978-145755-211-3
List Price: 11.95
Available: December 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

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Aren’t you glad that rainbows while searching can’t be found so that they can never be lassoed to the ground.


Jan Tighe

Pages: 166
ISBN: 978-145755-084-3
List Price: 14.99
Category: Fiction
Available: December 2017
Edition: Perfectbound

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Welcome to Central Park in New York City, where a tiny creature weaves a spiritual and mystical Web. He is a photographer of sorts and a secret admirer of his surroundings. He’s especially intrigued by human creatures who inhabit the earth but are unaware of their shared dependency. Chosen and anointed by a Higher Power, the creature’s Web captures humans who will discover and embrace their greatest virtue to make a difference on the planet. During a terrorist attack on New York City, the voice of humanity will become stronger than the voice of the enemy. Ordinary people, unaware of a protective and supportive Web beneath their feet, tip the scales of suffering and war with their compassion and love. Webcam is for you.

Webcam is written by Jan Tighe, wife of Tim for 46 years and mother of two grown daughters. She has two fabulous sons-in-law and four precious grandchildren named Julia, Jackson, Stella and James. After 30 years of active church ministry and 20-plus years of employment at a Catholic Church, retirement blessed Jan with enough hours to finally connect with her passion for writing.

Realizing how important our journey of life is, Jan feels compelled to highlight the process of living and loving within a world that is our responsibility to keep safe. She connects to her readers with tenderness and heart-felt partnership. Jan does not invade anyone’s spirituality, rather she invites the reader into a shared journey of understanding the virtues of the human heart, sometimes using mystical experiences to attract them to the truth.

When Jan retired from active pastoral care, her main loss was not with her identity as an employee, rather, with the huge loss for helping people heal, forgive and grow in virtue on a daily basis. Webcam allows Jan to reach more souls now through her writing than she could ever imagine. Her grief turns into joy as the words of her book come together, letter by letter, falling directly from the author’s heart.

Decades ago, she asked God for guidance to speak, teach and write. Throughout the years, she has matured to speak without words, teach by example and write between the lines. As a work in progress on the journey of life, she is excited and humbled to share Webcam with her readers. Central Park in New York becomes everyone’s backyard experience and invitation.

Triumph: Taming the Monster Within

Ingrid Kern

Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-145754-991-5
List Price: 16.95
Category: Inspirational
Available: December 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

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The author’s commitment to overcome her doubts and fears; quiet the voices in her head; and make one of her dreams come true to participate in the Summer Senior Olympics after 49 years of not running at all, takes the reader through some 4 years of her training, her search for answers and her desire to leave the past behind. Finishing 7th with a torn hamstring at The National Games in 2011 ended her career as a Sprinter.
The book gives the reader a glimpse of what the author, who has been physically, emotionally and psychologically abused as a child, was daily going through to get past the still powerfully looming influence of her father. The physical pain due to a few injuries made her connect to the pain she endured as a child; going deeper and finally receiving psychological help she continued her intense work on taming the monster called FEAR.

After being denied to participate in the preliminary try outs for the 100 meter sprint, shot-put and long jump at the 1960 Olympics, it took Ingrid almost 49 years to reconnect with her dream. She started her training in 2007 and sprinted into 3rd place at the 2008 California Senior Games to qualify for the National Senior Games in 2009.
Confronting her monster, which laid dormant for so many years, hidden from her consciousness, she began to dig deep into her psyche to heal the pain afflicted so long ago. Endless strings of horror surfaced and it took enormous courage, determination and strength to go through the process of elimination.
Coming out whole and renewed, finding out who Ingrid really is, what she is capable of accomplishing and quieting the voices in her head making her believe she is worthless, gave her the self-confidence she never had.
“Taming the Monster” is the follow up book to “What’s Your Monster’s Name?” in which she interviewed people telling her how they applied a certain life skill to overcome difficult situations.
Her abusive and alcoholic father, who died at the age of 50 left a completely unsuspecting Ingrid that she would carry the burden of those “Monsters” for many years. The Monster of Fear! Fear of being stupid, fear of not being good enough, fear of never accomplishing anything, fear of everyone knowing better and more than she does, which finally got her to the realization she does accomplish things and when it comes to her body, mind and spirit, she knows best.
Over the years Ingrid realized that she is not the only one, who has been abused. By sharing her experience, her emotional journey to self-discovery and healing the wounds, she shows that one can shed the burden of the past.
Ingrid currently lives in Los Angeles and shares her time working in Real Estate, managing a building, writing and traveling.

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