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The Omega Project: Book 3, The Path of War

Angus MacM. Hodgson

Pages: 446
ISBN: 978-145756-815-2
List Price: 18.95
Available: January 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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Like The Omega Project the premise behind this book starts back during World War Two with General William Donovan, holder of the Army’s four top medals including the CMH, and the Office of Strategic Services better known as the O.S.S. To most people outside of the Department of State it was obvious that communism was incompatible with the American way of life. Therefore the Russians were most likely to become our next major enemy.
Based upon the OSS Project Omega plan and authorized by President Truman, a series of secret shelters were built throughout the United States. Each shelter designed to be selfsufficient for long term survival and very comfortable for long term living. So what would life be like in one of these secret bases? What would people do while sitting around waiting for the end of the world as we knew it? In this series many of the inhabitants work for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency doing advanced research developing very advanced technology.
So, this book is part history, part science fi ction and a lot of speculation. What would future everyday life look like? How would door locks work? How about access to your computer? How about your computer itself? How does one get from place to place in this futuristic world? These items must be looked at from the standpoint of a three or four generation advancement.

Angus Hodgson grew up in Buffalo, New York the son of a naval officer turned attorney. He remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis, air raid drills in school and helping his father turn the basement into a fallout shelter. Scary times that left an indelible memory.
In 1975 he graduated from Norwich University, the Military College of Vermont with a degree in education. After trying out a few different jobs he ended up in south Texas as a police officer. During his twenty year career in law enforcement he served in a variety of roles including suburban and rural patrol, investigations, both urban and rural surveillance and high risk warrant service. Along the way he learned to write good accurate detailed reports to keep himself out of court on his days off. Angus finished his law enforcement career as an instructor of police hard skills including defensive tactics, driving, firearms, mechanics of arrest and VIP protection.
In 1998 he became a part-time instructor for one of the nation’s leading anti-terrorism companies. In that job he started out as an evasive driving instructor but quickly branched out into firearms and many of the other skills he had taught to police officers. That job became a full time job taking him all over much of the world including the war zone of Afghanistan to train people in surveillance detection and other skills for the US Government. Along the way he became certified by the Department of State to teach many of the hard skills that he had taught police officers.

My Friend Ivy

Kimberly Kristan

Pages: 38
ISBN: 978-145756-608-0
List Price: 11.99
Category: Children’s Books
Available: January 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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My Friend Ivy is the perfect book for any child in the hospital. Through whimsical illustrations, Ivy, an animated IV pole, brings comfort to the child and encourages laughter and play even in the hospital environment.

Bike Packing 202: A Complete Guide –
Everything You Should Have Learned in 101 and a Lot More

William R. Lamb

Pages: 78
ISBN: 978-145756-837-4
List Price: 14.99
Available: January 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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Whether you are new to the sport of bike packing or a seasoned veteran, Bike Packing 202: A Complete Guide provides all the information you need, from getting started to doing the Tour Divide and everything in between. This book provides proven tips and advice, based on the author’s own experiences. It will help you avoid many common mistakes made when it comes to choosing the right bike, outfitting the bike as well as yourself with the proper gear, planning and preparing for an adventure, and nutrition along the way. Most of all, it will help you to plan and carry out a safe and memorable bike packing experience. One word of warning: bike packing is extremely addicting and overwhelmingly good for your soul!

William R. Lamb, a PGA golf professional of 25 years, took up mountain biking at the age of 53, and four years later he completed the Tour Divide, a 3,000-mile mountain bike endurance race in the wilderness from Banff, Canada, to Mexico. It was an adventure that, combined with the birth of his youngest grandson, changed his life forever and inspired him to write From There to Here, an inspirational book about his life. William currently serves as a professor in the Lifetime Fitness department at Baylor University. He has a wife, three sons, and four grandchildren, all of whom he loves dearly. Most of all, he believes Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and he wants others to know of God’s salvation through Christ, His Son.

Where the Money Lies: A Non-Partisan Guide to Trump Economics

Max Anderson

Pages: 116
ISBN: 978-145756-650-9
List Price: 12.99
Available: January 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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The 2018 mid-term elections were among the most significant this country has held. Their outcomes will shape America’s role in the world and impact most major aspects of life in the US, potentially for decades to come. What voters think of Donald Trump is no doubt at the heart of both record-setting voter engagement and unprecedented political division.
Voters, however, must rise above the partisan rhetoric to reexamine the most basic questions: How well has my elected official represented me? Is my elected official acting in a way consistent with my values? This book will help you answer these questions by concisely and clearly outlining the most significant issues of the day: Climate Change, Government Regulation, National Debt, Healthcare, Taxes, the Trade War, the Stock Market, and Net Neutrality.
Where the Money Lies is a timeless snapshot of the US political arena during the Trump Administration, and also an indispensable compendium for any American who plans to vote in the coming years.

Vote.net is a nonpartisan website to engage young voters in the political process. Vote.net’s mission is to create a constructive outlet for the expression of differing political viewpoints and to provide a practical approach to impacting the political process through student activism. Vote.net won the Gold W3 Award for Best Political Website and the 2018 Silver W3 Award for the Best Student Website. Where the Money Lies is Vote.net’s first book.


William Reynolds

Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-145755-722-4
List Price: 14.95
Category: Fiction
Available: June 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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The infamous deeds surrounding the town of Mena, Arkansas have become part of historical discussion since the Iran-Contra hearings.
Living in a town of five thousand people with eight unsolved murders in a nine month period, defense lawyer Dolby Richards becomes unwittingly involved in one of the investigations.
He is immediately made to fear for his life as dark forces begin to surround him, and he finally discovers a government plot that, even to this day, in its tendency towards pure evil, has yet to be adequately explained.
The events beginning in Mena led to a street level impact on the culture of America, culminating in the deaths of thousands.

William Reynolds was born in Nashville in 1951. A graduate from The McCallie School and the University of Tennessee, Mr Reynolds has published three novels: THE MURDER OF CHE GUEVARA, THE REICH MUTINY, and SANCTIFY.
Mr Reynolds currently resides in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

The Five Most Harmful Myths About Grief

Elaine Voci, Ph.D.

Pages: 52
ISBN: 978-145756-803-9
List Price: 11.95
Available: February 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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Guidance from a Life Coach for Navigating the Unsolicited Bad Advice Given to People Who Are Grieving

This is a book about how to recognize and overcome the five most common and harmful myths about grief that are not only untrue, but are also the source of much of the unsolicited bad advice given to people who are grieving.
This book shows you what healthy grieving looks like, and inspires you with practical, true stories from real-life experiences that can help ease your journey through grief. It teaches you that death, loss, and grief are bearable because you are more resilient than you know.
In The Five Most Harmful Myths About Grief, Elaine encourages us to uphold two kinds of courage needed for the journey of grief: the first is to face our own mortality, and that of our loved ones. Every human life story has a beginning and an end. In between those two points, courage helps us discover what has meaning for us, and helps us decide what we will do with the time we have. The second kind of courage is even more important – the courage to act on what is real, true, and possible for us when grief cracks open our hearts and renders us tender, wounded, and lonely.

An award-winning author, Elaine’s works have been published in the United States, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom in magazines, blogs, and business and academic journals. She is the author of eight inspirational books, a life coach, and hosts quarterly Death Cafes in her community. Elaine is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild and has been named one of the Top Ten Best Life Coaches in Indianapolis by Expertise.com.

The Dark Star of the Dorothy Curse


Pages: 146
ISBN: 978-145756-058-3
List Price: 20.00
Available: March 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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Have you ever heard about the thirteen curses of Hollywood celebrities? How about a relative, a nobody, or a neighbor next door. Planted a seed in the mother of a child of Satan that my grandfather created when he had an affair with a woman, when he took a trip to Canada after his divorce in 1939, and had a child out of wedlock from this woman who was not created out of love but anger. Because of the fact that he had four years of free time before he got married to his second wife, who he was with until the day he passed away. Therefore, it was not until 1975 when his daughter (Dorothy) came in contact with her biological father, and came back into his life as a daughter of his he met for the first time. Little did we know this woman turned out to be nothing but a bad luck omen. She brought chaos into everyone’s life to the point of people dying of cancer, health problems that played hide and seek with the doctors, families getting divorces that have been married for 30 years or more, and so many other freak and bizarre scenarios that you just can’t imagine. Because it was not your normal good and bad every day things people dealt with in life, you will learn about these things when you read the dark star of the Dorothy Curse.

Steven Rood grew up in Windham center Connecticut born on February, 13 1963 where the curse all began and has lived in Storrs, Ct for the past twenty years. He is a singer and songwriter who has two original cd’s available on spotify under his stage name Mystery. He is talented at automotive restoration and painting vehicles, he is also a great cook who created one of a kind recipes which will be his next book. Steven also does home improvement for a living such as painting houses inside and out.

Converging Paths of Cerzia: The Journey Begins

Ray Walker Stanley

Pages: 202
ISBN: 978-145756-592-2
List Price: 11.99
Category: Fiction
Available: February 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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“An engaging, if slow-paced, introduction to an expedition’s adventures and challenges on a distant planet.” Earth is dying, but a lush, beautiful world discovered at the edge of human space could be the key to its survival. The World council has begun a massive project to build a ship that can make the journey, even though the planet has a flaw: it defies most of the known laws of science. Building the ship is hard, but finding a trustworthy crew and civilians willing to risk everything on a potentially dangerous world is even harder.
The council decides to pursue a merchant captain who has proven himself in setting up colonies, but Alec does not get along with everyone on the council. His relationship with the council becomes even more strained when they use Alec’s wife and young daughters to coerce him into accepting the assignment. Wonders––and dangers––may await the crew, but as humanity’s existence on Earth becoming more perilous every day, Alec accepts the assignment.
A surprising discovery awaits the crew, but is it one that will help or hurt their cause? Converging Paths of Cerzia: The Journey Begins sets the stage for an extraordinary adventure in space as the crew works together to determine if the mysterious world is the solution that will assure humanity’s survival.

Ray Walker Stanley has lived in the world of his imagination for most of his life, which. Provided a nice means of escape from his ordinary existence. He developed an interest in sci-fi and fantasy novels in high school and went to college thinking he would design video games. Reality intruded, so he branched out and took classes on writing and character development. The story in Converging Paths of Cerzia has been threatening to make its presence felt for years, but was not able to take its full form until now.

Paper Dolls & Hollow Men

Jeff Morris

Pages: 306
ISBN: 978-145756-691-2
List Price: 17.95
Available: February 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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World War II comes alive through the eyes of three young couples and their families from small towns in Ohio and Kentucky.
Virgil Thomas and Louise Forest want to have a future together. But their plans abruptly change when he is called to service, and she makes a crucial decision about their unborn child.
John Simon and Charlotte Ross are newlyweds with a young child. When John volunteers for service, Charlotte doesn’t understand why he abandons their small family.
And Gabby Thurlow, Laverne Osgood, and Birdie Le Foret are involved in a complicated relationship that challenges their decisions of heart versus head.
As the couples navigate these rocky relationships, they also must adapt to the e ects of rationed goods, interference from well-intentioned family members, and long gaps in communication. Traditional roles are challenged as women enter the workforce in larger numbers and men return from war with life-changing injuries. Despite these changes, however, residents of the small towns struggle to keep their uniqueness and charm. Paper Dolls and Hollow Men is their story of hope, courage, and love.

I love books, I love to read, I love to write. I’ve been a writer all my life but haven’t had the time or treasure to put out a book until I retired. Once retired, I began a series of books based in southeastern Ohio, partly autobiographical, partly fiction. I am a retired Engineer (BS from RIT) with BA and MA in English from SUNY Cortland. In addition to a debut novel (also published by Dog Ear), I now have two novels in the southeastern Ohio series. I’ve got a couple of books in the works, some in the series and some stand-alone. With my wife Jean, I have raised three children and we have eight grandchildren. She is an academic and thus my most stalwart editor. We are happily ensconced in the foothills of the Front Range in Colorado and enjoying perpetual sunny days and hearty exercise.

Ian’s Essential Travel Tips: Overcome Travel Fears, Travel with Confidence, Make the Right Choices

Ian Watts

Pages: 140
ISBN: 978-145756-535-9
List Price: 10.95
Category: Prof. Reference & Textbooks
Available: February 2019
Edition: Perfectbound

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Ian’s Essential Travel Tips was written to help people demystify foreign travel and craft foreign trips to their tastes. This book answers many of the questions that first-time travelers have but also provides valuable information for seasoned travelers. You have choices, but it’s important that you avoid common mistakes and choose wisely. Never settle for a mediocre result when you can choose a superior option for the same cost, and never compromise your safety in order to save money.
Whether you’ve never journeyed outside of the USA or are planning your hundredth foreign vacation, within this book you will find a tip to craft your travels to your tastes and needs. Travel your way.

DON’T LET TRAVEL SCARE YOU! Ian’s Essential Travel Tips offers friendly travel advice based on real travel experience.
• Learn what works • Avoid illness and danger • Plan your experiences based on choices that make sense for you

Ian Watts has traveled extensively for many decades. As a child, he read about the world and devoured National Geographic magazines. Both of Ian’s parents had a strong connection to a land—Hawaii, where his mother and grandmother grew up—and lifestyle that seemed unattainably exotic to Ian as he grew up in northern California. As early as possible, Ian traveled independently, starting with the UK, and those early journeys kindled in him a passion for faraway places that remains today.
Ian’s background includes a BA in anthropology, a stint as a journeyman electronics technician for the United States Department of the Navy, an intermittent career as a freelance artist, and thirty-plus years as a healthcare safety and compliance professional. These foundations, plus years of travel and broad experience in travel planning, enable Ian to produce and provide useful advice based on travel questions most asked by friends and family.
Ian lives in a tiny town in the northern California foothills, in a restored gold-rush-era boardinghouse that he shares with his wife, two cats, and a desert tortoise.

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