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Dog Ear authors have published professional-quality custom books that explore a wide range of topics in an equally wide range of reading categories, including Trade Fiction, Non-Fiction, Autobiographies, Self-Help, Cookbooks, Children's, Business, Academic Textbooks, Historical Works, Fiction, Short Story, Poetry Collections and much more.

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A Little Taste from Sal

Salvatore Di Blasi

Pages: 62
ISBN: 978-145756-264-8
List Price: 15.99
Available: May 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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This cookbook is the accumulation of years of recipes from the DiBlasi family. From his roots in Sicily, Sal has created recipes using the traditional ingredients of his homeland as well as his own creative flavors. Salís wife Olga also shares her heritage with family recipes from Spain. Using only the freshest of ingredients, you too can create masterpieces for the palate! After years of requests from friends, family and satisfied customers, Sal brings you the very best in recipes. Bon Appetit!

Finding Heaven in the Dark

William L. Ingram

Pages: 292
ISBN: 978-145754-827-7
List Price: 14.95
Category: Autobiography & Biography
Available: July 2016
Edition: Perfectbound

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As a black youth of the post war baby boom generation the author struggled with secret rage and a confused life view that fueled his self-destructive rebellion and desertion from the Marine Corps in 1967. His cross country trek ended in a skid row rescue mission in Los Angeles, Ca. There the 17-year-old fugitive was forced to confront his personal demons. Mr. Ingram’s odyssey of rebellion and redemption led to his discovery of life saving and life affirming principals. His introduction to the Primitive Christian practice of Meditation, taught by a Los Angeles preacher and his foundation, began his journey of self-discovery and awakening. The answers to the mysteries of life were never more needed than during our present age of loud and competing voices that pressure and control us. This book is for anyone interested in clues to the true purpose of life. Is there a real moral compass? What is your true Identity? It’s for church goers and the unchurched, all religious believers, spiritual seekers, and skeptics.

Bill Ingram is a retired entrepreneur and successful small business owner. After 40 years of calling Ct. and R. I. home he now resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Bill is married to his wife Susan, a retired teacher, who became a neighbor after both had been widowed. They enjoy an active life which includes traveling in their motorhome with their Tuxedo cat, Mitzy.

Without Danger, The Game Grows Cold

Gene Fiskin

Pages: 270
ISBN: 978-145756-060-6
List Price: 15.95
Available: March 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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”Ride A Mad Horse” is an adventure novel/character study. A deeply personal look into three men’s strengths and weaknesses, and their excesses of both. Clifford Castile is a genius-level, unabashed people user – a ruthless self-centered billionaire whose psychological games often threaten life itself. A recluse, he uses Thel McKelway, a wounded racecar driver and designer, as his public face and personal foil. But Castile feels vulnerable to his chief executive, Ron Tanzer, and fears he has taken over Castile’s many companies and that his power now exceeds Castile’s. The story explores Castile’s manipulative drives, McKelway’s torments and challenges, and Tanzer’s ruthless ambitions. The strong women in each man’s life are as vital and complex as their lovers. This is a very human and often surprising tale for readers fond of intrigue and dangerous pursuits.

GENE FISKIN – A creative director/copywriter for many years, Gene created advertising campaigns for nearly two hundred major corporations. Now he focuses on writing novels, short stories, plays, and the occasional screenplay. He lives in Orange County, California with his wife of more than thirty years, and their two dogs who regard them as staff.

Taking Steps Towards Mental Wellness: Volume 1

Scott Shoemaker

Pages: 136
ISBN: 978-145756-404-8
List Price: 15.95
Available: June 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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Taking Steps Toward Mental Wellness- A Personal Journey rough Anxiety, Depression, and ADD is the first book in the Sharing Mental Illness Series. e author is able to reach out to others that suffer from anxiety, depression, and ADD by sharing his stories and what he did to start moving forward in his life. He believes that people need real world examples and easy to understand ideas in order to make changes in their own lives. e books are designed so that even a reader who suffers from ADD can make it through in a weekend.

Scott Shoemaker is an accomplished Business Development professional with a desire to help others make informed choices. A long time sufferer of anxiety and depression, Scott decided to use his Discovery Skills on himself and started writing about his thoughts and experiences suffering from a lifetime of mental health issues. After a lot of careful consideration, Scott decided that writing down his problems was just the beginning and decided to put them into book form with a desire to share his story. Sharing Mental Illness is the culmination of self discovery with the hopes of helping others achieve better mental health.

Treat Your Health: Delicious Low Glycemic Desserts , Chocolates, and More!

Joanne Marsh

Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-145755-716-3
List Price: 16.99
Category: Cookbooks
Available: March 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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Now sweets are no longer a guilty pleasure, but a healthy addition to your meals. Joanne has found a way to make this a reality. In her book “Treat Your Health”, she brings taste back to healthy low-glycemic desserts, treats and more. This book features more than 75 classic recipes, including: delectable chocolates and sweet buttery caramels; delightful donuts and sweet rolls to start your day; delicious cakes topped off with creamy vanilla ice cream; familiar tastes of home with classic cookies and bars; favorite pies that families love; healthy beverages brimming with flavor; sweet and savory tastes of salad dressings barbeque sauce and more!

Joanne Marsh has been active in a nutritional supplement business for 35 years. Her passion for studying nutrition has helped her to acquire knowledge on how nutrition affects the body. Along with guidance from a world-renowned physician/scientist, she has developed delicious, healthy, low-glycemic desserts, treats and more. After 3 years in the making, “Treat Your Health” is now available.

Vignettes & Poems


Pages: 48
ISBN: 978-145756-493-2
List Price: 10.00
Available: July 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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As a fool, I’ve lost you
I looked for you in vain
Over the rusty hills
Deep in the forests
Nowhere could I find you

Rested by the river bank
Gazing at the water and the cloud Dreaming about the old time Nowhere could I find you

The wind breezed through the pines As your soft whisper
“I’m here, don’t you see?
I’m in your heart
My heart is your heart”


I Art Dog

Dorothea Bernbach
Illustrated by Kelli Bertolino and Lee Angerstein

Pages: 46
ISBN: 978-145756-446-8
List Price: 10.95
Available: July 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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About the Book In I ART DOG, Heart, a newly adopted cocker spaniel arrives at her new home to find a great surprise. Heart’s Mom loves art – specifically dog art. Everywhere Heart looks there are dogs – paintings of dogs, dog statues and paw patterns on walls and furniture. Heart loves her new home.
Happy to take a little nap after an exciting day, Heart tries to close her eyes. However, Heart’s nap is interrupted by the voice of the little dog in the painting hung nearby. Heart discovers the secrets of her amazing home and learns to play a fun game – The Art Witness Game.
Through the series of I ART DOG books, children will improve their visual intelligence. With the help of Heart, children will interactively engage with works of art as they explore the story of the dog in the artwork. Visual skills, such as comparing and contrasting, making observations and drawing conclusions, are developed as children play the Art Witness Game with Heart.

Switched On: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent

Eric J. Caron

Pages: 218
ISBN: 978-145756-243-3
List Price: 17.95
Available: April 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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As a twin in a large Massachusetts family with a heart of gold, Eric wanted to emulate his hero when he grew up—his Police Officer father, Sgt. Edmond Caron, a former Marine. Eric’s dad taught him valuable life lessons that formed his foundation and defined his path, and experience taught him the rest. With his family’s courage, love and guidance inspiring his journey, the author became renowned as an expert in the field of terrorism, money laundering and transnational crime. His investigations ranged from U.S. defense contractors and CIA going rogue, to WMD programs of Iran, China and Russia, to fi re and intrigue in Dubai and Afghanistan. His most challenging case would be a mere mile from his family home, and grip the nation. Throughout his twenty-five-year decorated career as a Special Agent and Diplomat for the U.S. Government, Caron discovered the powerful, life-saving effects of listening to one’s heart, mind and God-given instincts. The author came to think of this principle as being Switched On. Join this Special Agent as he takes you on a ride-along filled with twists and turns and reveals the key to becoming Switched On for life.

U.S. Government Special Agent and Diplomat Eric Caron (Ret.) enjoyed a decorated twenty-five-year career investigating terrorism, money laundering and transnational crime. He currently holds positions as an adjunct professor with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy on Cape Cod, and a terrorism expert for WHDH News 7/Boston.

How Will YOU Be Kind Today?

Molly Trim

Pages: 24
ISBN: 978-145756-401-7
List Price: 10.95
Available: June 2018
Edition: Perfectbound

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Kindness is a universal language that starts with our most cherished humans. When the enchanting rhymes of “How Will YOU Be Kind Today?” reaches little ears, their hunger to listen, share, and draw others together despite differences will blossom. When we model kindness for our children, they’ll grow up valuing the unique talents and abilities each of us can offer the world.

Molly Trim is a native of Lewiston, Minnesota and currently resides in Trempealeau, Wisconsin with her husband, Nate, and their two daughters, Delaney and Gracie. When she turned 40, she added two aspirations to her bucket list: pay it forward and write something enduring and meaningful for her little girls. With “How Will YOU Be Kind Today?” Molly shares an important message of kindness and plans to donate the book’s profi ts to anti-bullying campaigns in her local community.

Geeks on a Mission: In Their Own Words

Alex Hills

Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-145752-174-4
List Price: 18.95
Available: August 2013
Edition: Perfectbound

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Lucrative employment beckons, but they donate their summer vacations to work in developing nations around the world. They work as professional consultants, peers to the top executives in their client organizations, and, for these organizations, the work is critical. The clients receive top-notch professional assistance, and the students have an experience not available in any classroom. They are a new breed of young professional.

Alex Hills is Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He has found ways to teach and encourage a new generation of young professionals to help solve problems of poverty, health and other ills that face the world. Working with his colleague, Professor Joseph Mertz, he advises and mentors students serving as consultants in developing nations. Dr. Hills has also written about the early days of Wi-Fi technology in his book Wi-Fi and the Bad Boys of Radio.

Dog Ear Authors Write in All Genres

Autobiograhy & Biography

The focus of many of our authors' dreams is the telling of someone's life story, whether it is their story, that of a loved one, or someone they find just plain fascinating. Dog Ear builds books that beautifully showcase a personal story.

Business, Investing, & Finance

Business, finance, and entrepreneurial experts all turn to Dog Ear Publishing to create books that deliver value and benefit to their readers. Whether the topic is how to achieve financial independence, strategies for making a business more successful, or creating new sources of wealth, Dog Ear Publishing has built products to help authors in the business and professional community reach out to their core customers.


Our authors produce some amazingly beautiful children's books, all with wonderful stories. A variety of formats have been created, including square and portrait, paperback and hardcover - all available in full-color.


One of the great niche markets that authors are exploring is the world of cookbooks. Dog Ear Publishing can produce cookbooks in black-and-white and color, and both paperback and hardcover. We help our authors produce cookbooks about everything from wondeful ethnic food recipes to healthy cooking alternatives.

Special Interest

Our authors write on a variety of topics catering to specific niche audiences.


In the large category of Fiction, the old adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words' describes the importance of a great book cover. Dog Ear Publishing produces the finest book covers in the self publishing market - and our fiction books look stunning. No matter what genre of fiction our authors write on, Dog Ear will build an amazing cover to showcase the book.

Self-Help, Health & Wellness

Many Dog Ear Publishing authors produce books that help the reader get and stay healthy. Their expertise ranges from physical therapy to mental wellness to spiritual renewal. Dog Ear can build books that showcase exercises, charts, and images to help the reader understand best the instruction being given.


Encouragement, enlightenment, and enrichment can all be found within the books produced by Dog Ear authors.


Words can transform the world around us - and Dog Ear Publishing's poets showcase their works through the words they use to convey their emotions. Poetry doesn't have to flow in a single, straight line, but should move across the page in motion to the rhythm of the poet's thoughts. Our professional design team translates the poet's vision to the page.

Technical Products & Textbooks

Professors, scientists, doctors and technical experts of all fields have turned to Dog Ear to produce their books.

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