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Whether it’s Trade Fiction, Non-Fiction, Autobiographies, Self-Help, Cookbooks, Children's, Business, Academic Textbooks, Historical Works, Fiction, Short Story, Poetry Collections or something more, every Dog Ear Author is a self-publishing success story. Find out why authors love Dog Ear Publishing by reading through these testimonials. Authors love Dog Ear, and we love our authors!

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I’m compelled to heap praise on the staff of Dog Ear Publishing for their assistance, professionalism, advice and patience during and after the process of self-publishing my first book. Here’s why: After completing my first manuscript I decided to move forward with having it published. Over the years I’d learned enough about the publishing business to know that approaching traditional firms would have been a waste of time, so I began researching the possibility of self-publishing. I was dismayed, and also stressed, to discover numerous complaints lodged against and poor reviews given to a majority of the self-publishing firms I investigated. After narrowing the choices to two companies that stood out as reputable, I contracted with Dog Ear Publishing. Self-publishing through Dog Ear proved to be the right choice, because the support and input from the staff greatly reduced the stress and resulted in an expertly designed and printed book.

Working with the team at Dog Ear Publishing has been, and continues to be, a positive experience. I cite Amber for special praise due to her expeditiousness and excellent communication skills, Matthew for his advice, input and ideas, and the design team, which enhanced the appearance of the interior and created an outstanding cover.

I highly recommend Dog Ear Publishing to first-time authors, and to anyone who has had adverse experiences working with other self-publishing companies.

Bob Paxton A Classic Affair June 1, 2018

My experience with Dog Ear Publishing has been nothing short of outstanding. Amber, Megan, Adrienne, Shel; everyone I’ve dealt with has been responsive, professional and devoted to making my book the best it can be. The design department did a smashing job of bringing my cover concept to life, and everyone at Dog Ear treated my project with the respect and diligence it deserved. My only regret is waiting over three-and-a-half years to write a testimonial. I am convinced that they are in no small part the reason I continue to sell copies of my book all this time after initial publication. I highly recommend Dog Ear Publishing, particularly for those of us just beginning our publishing journeys, but also for anyone seeking a top-notch independent publisher and wants (and deserves) the highest author payments around.

Chris Ingram Hey Kemosabe! The Days (and Nights) of a Radio Idyll March 7, 2018

As an unpublished author with a manuscript for a memoir I chose Dog Ear Publishing from among the 4 choices I considered. I have never regretted that choice. I must echo the praises that my fellow authors have shared about the wonderful staff associated with Dog Ear. They helped me every step of the way.

My book has been awarded 2 President’s Silver Book Awards from the Florida Assoc. of Publishers & Authors (FAPA), and I have been selected as one of “2017 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” as presented by The Author Show! Dog Ear Publishing’s expertise and the author platform they optimized for me gave me the confidence to wade into the Indie Publication world and succeed. I recommend them heartily!

William L. Ingram Finding Heaven in the Dark January 3, 2018

This having been my first book, I was a total novice. Frankly I stumbled many times, but Megan always helped me up. The rest of the ladies, depending on my quandary, were there to help. I have a follow up book or two. I will go back to this publisher, because they have the patience to deal with new authors.

Larry Verch the little book of THE April 27, 2017

I do want to say thank you to your team. Adrienne is fantastic! She has held my hand through three books so for and the fourth which is a revision of the first. I know I can always count on her. I am also VERY impressed with the editing done by Peggy on my two latest manuscripts. I actually employed some MBA students where I teach to do some preliminary editing and they added value. However, I am amazed with what Peggy found, and I adopted about 98% of all recommendations. She is truly a superstar!

Daniel C Yeomans Project Management Made Simple and Effective January 31, 2017

After over a year of research and writing, my book was complete and I was faced with a daunting question.. “What on earth do I do now?” I looked into several self-publishing options, but none felt right. They all felt cold; like I was just a number. After my first conversation with the folks at Dog Ear, I was confident that I had found the place. From beginning to end, that initial impression proved to be dead on. Amber Ortner was more than patient with my pesky emails, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. For a first-author, I simply couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Daniel Jones Muni: The History of the Ocala Golf Club June 9, 2016

A year ago I came upon a book written by a friend of mine. It was published by Dog Ear Publishing in Indianapolis. It was a beautifully designed book with artful promotional material including posters, postcards and business cards. I was jealous and immediately finished my book MONOLOGUES FOR THE SERIOUS ACTOR and made an appointment to meet with Dog Ear personnel. They proved to be very professional and made the job of publishing my book very easy. After one meeting I was on my way to see my book in print. I now possess my initial order of 500 books and have my first book signing next month.

I am truly thankful to Dog Ear Publishing for providing me with a quality-looking book that I am proud of and look forward to working with them in the future. Thank you Dog Ear Publishing.

Bob Berry Monologues for the Serious Actor www.SeriousActor.com July 17, 2015

When I decided to self-publish my book I did my homework and Dog Ear Publishing came out on top and has not disappointed. The staff is extremely helpful and promptly answers questions. I am very pleased with the interior and cover of the book as well. My self-publishing experience has been terrific and I have and will to continue to recommend Dog Ear to any author who wants to publish. Bravo Dog Ear!

Elizabeth Dolan-Cancian The Promise of Sunsets www.thepromiseofsunsets.com July 8, 2015

I’d like to thank you and everyone at Dog Ear Publishing for doing such a great job publishing my two books, Murder at the Yeshiva and The Jake Fischer Stories. In my review, Dog Ear was always professional and patient with me during the process even though you were publishing many other books at the same time.  I felt I always had your time and attention. I hope to be back with my next book.

Stewart Bird Murder at the Yeshiva www.stewartbird.com June 12, 2015

I have just finished my third book with Dog Ear Publishing, and if there is a fourth–not likely–I’d not hesitate to go with them again.

To try to find a publisher for my first book was intimidating. I tend to research everything from buying a can opener to buying a new car, so I went to the omnipotent internet–and promptly got overwhelmed. There are dozens and dozens of publishers, of course, all spouting promises and rewards, so I was pretty much in the dark. I found that Dog Ear Publishing seemed to have generally favorable reviews, as well as a package that seemed to fit my needs, but a lot of other companies appeared competitive. But sooner or later one has to fish or cut bait–so I crossed my fingers and pushed the button and they took my money, just like that.

I was assigned to Amber, who proved to be a gem, patiently answering all my questions both promptly and understandably. But alas, she wanted to start a family, and I was switched to Adrienne. I didn’t like that–at first–but she didn’t miss a beat and proved to be an apparent clone. All went reasonably well and the book became a best seller. (Well, at least in my family.)

The second time I went with Dog Ear Publishing was because of these two women, but it was also smoother because I learned to make it a bit easier by more care on my end–strive hard to get the copy as close to right the first time, learn from one’s mistakes, allow for the inevitable exception, that sort of thing.

The third time I went to Dog Ear Publishing for the same reasons, but did wonder what would happen as a few wrinkles showed up. Again, both Amber and Adrienne took turns holding my hand and guiding me though, and I certainly needed them, because of two particular situations: One, for the cover I wanted to use one of my own photos, but the contrasts in tone and subject matter made it difficult to include the title/author in clear type. But Amber was relentlessly patient, repeatedly having the design dept. come up with some adjustment till we finally got it right.

Second, when the five comp copies came, they were acceptable–almost. They were very readable, but some pages did have a noticeable lighter font. I didn’t know if Dog Ear would agree with my assessment, but it was my baby, so I pushed for a reprint. I was surprised to find no pushback whatsoever. They did ask for sample photos of the text to validate the differences, but then quickly reprinted and sent me five new copies as well as extras to cover a few that had already been sold.

So there you have it–and perhaps I should have placed this first–Dog Ear provided;

Varied and useful packages, including developing a website for me and getting the books on Amazon and other outlets, and providing PR materials as per contract. Outstanding customer support on all levels. Knowledgeable, professional, and patient caretakers (Amber and Adrienne especially). Prompt and thorough responses to a multitude of questions, and a willingness to truly “work with” the author.

Norman Smith Growing Upward www.normsmithbooks.com June 9, 2015

Many thanks to all of those at Dog Ear Publishing that were involved in making VictoryEmbraced a completed success! I am very impressed by Dog Ear’s professionalism, integrity and good eye for detail. I have received many compliments on not only the awesome design of the book cover, but also on the creativeness in laying out the website. VictoryEmbraced is receiving great reviews on Barnes and Noble and Amazon! Three years before publishing VictoryEmbraced—I researched the top self-publishers—Dog Ear was ranked number one and now—I personally know why. Thank you again for all of your hard work which is really “heart work” for the Dog Ear Publishing team!

Dawn Marie Woroniak Victory Embraced www.victoryembraced.org June 2, 2015

Being a first-time author, I had a hundred ignorant questions and a thousand stupid ones. Dog Ear Publishing patiently and professionally answered each one and gently led me through the publishing process. What could have been a frustrating and confusing process was made into an exciting and fun-filled journey thanks to Dog Ear.

The final product, a hard cover book titled Painted Poems, was better than our wildest expectations. Filled with many images of original works of art which created a number of production challenges, Dog Ear Publishing handled this with no problems and used its experience to present them in a variety of creative and interesting ways.

If volume one turns out to be a successful adventure, there will be a volume two and it will definitely be published by Dog Ear Publishing.

Al Tenhundfeld Painted Poems www.PaintedPoemsofMonLouisIsland.com June 1, 2015

Dog Ear Publishing afforded me the opportunity to achieve my publishing goals

There are many venues for self-publishing; I spent many hours, even days, reviewing – trying to find the one that best suited me. That is why I chose Dog Ear Publishing. The staff at Dog Ear afforded me the opportunity to achieve my publishing goals, creating a product that I believe to be unique and of the highest quality. From the cover creation process to delving into the interior design, Dog Ear helped me every step of the way, providing helpful advice as well as listening to my own feedback. In addition, their assistance did not end after the publishing process. Dog Ear Publishing continues to stand by at the ready to answer any and every question I have. It is apparent their commitment to helping self-published authors is their mission goal.

Dog Ear’s product design does not stop at physical and digital novels. Their web design team crafted a website that I am proud to call my own. Also, I purchased their promotional variety package and am greatly impressed with the quality of business cards, pens, and post cards. These items have been extremely beneficial to me when attending book signings and also for everyday promotional activities. I never leave home without a bundle of pens and business cards.

With an attentive staff and a wide variety of publishing choices, from set publishing packages to a la carte options, I believe Dog Ear paves the road to a self-published novel; a road that can suit any budget.

F.N. Scott Bane of Evil www.FNScott.com May 28, 2015

If you are an author writing your first book or a series of books, I can speak to the speed, creative talents, and cost effectiveness of those at Dog Ear Publishing. My two books in the “Fair Warning” series is a Commentary and a Bible Study on the Books of Daniel and Revelation. A unique feature in both books is the presentation of the Book of Revelation in chronological order, aiding in its understanding. Both books needed to complement each other and Dog Ear Publishing made sure that the cover design, artwork, and internal formatting were unified into a single theme. The final results were stunning! I must thank Dog Ear Publishing for putting my dream to reality, even to the point of becoming a creative partner in that dream. Another surprise was the speed at Dog Ear Publishing. It no longer takes 4-5 months to publish a book because Dog Ear Publishing performed the task for me, start to finish, in less than half that time for each of my books! We authors are a passionate breed with high expectations for work that must be perfect in every way. That can create many challenges, but the staff at Dog Ear Publishing exceeded my expectations over and over again on things very important to me.

Andrew Louf Fair Warning, A Bible Study to Daniel and Revelation May 28, 2015

Love my book, love my website! I get compliments all the time from readers on the way my book looks and feels. My website is clean and easy to navigate. Even now, a few years after publishing, if I ever have a question or concern, a Dog Ear staff member responds within a day to resolve the issue. I have recommended Dog Ear to other authors who have been satisfied with the Dog Ear experience as well. Self publishing can be an arduous task with many moving parts. Why not let the pros at Dog Ear guide you through it? Dog Ear really made it easy for me with one stop shopping for all of my publishing needs. And best of all, they did it my way. I’m a happy customer!

Rhonda Fink-Whitman 94 Maidens www.94maidens.com May 27, 2015

I am so thankful and grateful to Dog Ear Publishing for empowering me to take the necessary steps to have my first book published. I am grateful for all of the free information on their website that I call “Learning About Self-Publishing 101.”

Gloria Yarina Captured: The Look of the Dog May 22, 2015

Dog Ear Publishing is a terrific option for the indie writer, or even more established scribe. Stunning cover, formatting, distribution, and marketing work from Dog Ear’s amazing team will make your book indistinguishable from the big boys and girls.

Flynn Falcone The Pegasus Project May 22, 2015

Dear Amber, Adrienne, Shel and Miles,

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that all our hard work was acknowledged! I received word yesterday that Blind Influence received Honorable Mention in the Fiction Category at the Paris Book Festival 2015.

Here’s a link to the winners on the Paris Book Festival site: http://parisbookfestival.com/winners2015.html

Feel free to spread the news around. Thanks!

Linda Fisler Blind Influence www.lindariesenbergfisler.com May 22, 2015

Matt I cannot tell you enough how happy and impressed I have been with Dog Ear Publishing. I have used other “Indie” publishers and they do not come close to the level of service and commitment the staff at Dog Ear has given me and my project. Thank you all.

P. M. White Buzz Ride: Memoirs of a Ride Share Driver May 22, 2015

Having previously authored two self-published books, I was fortunate this time around to partner with Dog Ear Publishing on my latest memoir/novel. It offered professional collaboration and competence throughout printing, and the company’s transparency in finding the right price to satisfy both myself as an author and my prospective readers was a refreshing change.

Peter Weissman Getting Real: Drifting into Middle Age May 8, 2015

I can’t say enough great things about Dog Ear Publishing. After extensively reviewing of a lot of the self publishing companies (including reading the BBB complaints of all the companies), we decided to use Dog Ear for my 15 year old son’s debut novel, The Legend of V, Book 1: The Solar System’s Prophecies. The book came out looking even better than we could have imagined! The recommended matt finish is stunning. Throughout the process, we worked with Ray, Megan, Amber and Matt. All were very helpful and quick to reply to our calls and emails. The personal attention we received from Amber who patiently and professionally replied to our queries was exceptional. Extra marketing informational emails from Matt were definitely helpful. We took some of his advice and it’s made a big difference. Working with Dog Ear has felt like we are part of a team and that they genuinely want us to succeed. We will use them again for my son’s next book.

Tamar Kaloustian Author of The Legend of V, Book 1 May 8, 2015

I just wanted to drop a note to say what a great job you all did with Paper House of Night. I received the complimentary copies and saw the book on Barnes and Noble this morning. I am delighted with the presentation and have received several favorable comments on the cover design already. Thank you.

Kevin Coughlin The Paper House of Night April 29, 2015

Matthew has always been able to solve my problems. He grasps the essence of my questions almost immediately. His product knowledge is high, thus he understands right away what needs to be done. Best of all, he has the confidence to take immediate action. These qualities are rare and are to be appreciated by any employer or customer base. As a new author with zero publishing experience and a member of th gray hair generation with no tech skills, his assistance is greatly appreciated.

Robert Medley Success For Your Children April 23, 2015

I chose Dog Ear because they were so responsive to my initial questions and concerns, and this held true throughout the publishing process. First, Stephanie’s editing was a great help. Then, as the book moved through the various stages of production, Amber Ortner and Matt Murray were always available to answer queries and resolve problems. The few concerns I had along the way were always taken seriously and acted upon immediately. I will not hesitate to recommend Dog Ear publishing to anyone.

Peter McDonald The Thirsty Camel April 23, 2015

I worked with Dog Ear Publishing end to end. This was one of the smoothest processes I have gone through with anything in my life. Writing a book is difficult enough, publishing should not be. These guys made sure that publishing was the easiest part.

Richie Etwaru Corporate Awesome Sauce April 20, 2015

Dear Adrienne and Tina,

I wish I could tell you how overjoyed I am at the comments presented by Tina the editor in her letter to me. My heart is leaping for joy I’m so happy. I feel like I’ve progressed from a bumbling skill-less want-to-be writer to a potential author with perhaps some real talent. I’m overjoyed. I can’t wait to get to work on the suggestions.

Jewel Thomas Eleven Pounds - It Came to Pass April 20, 2015

Thanks so much for helping me get everything going with The Shifters. The website looks great, and my initial order of 250 copies has arrived at my house and they look great as well. They are already moving fast, and I’d anticipate placing another order soon. None of it would have been possible without you and the rest of the Dog Ear staff, and I am extremely grateful for you all working with me. Thanks.

Taylor Landrum The Shifters March 31, 2015

I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with the Dog Ear folks–no complaints whatsoever. I have gotten some especially good and timely service from Matt just lately. That is why I have run three novels through Dog Ear already with at least one more in the works. I think you have a great company concept, one which I appreciate more and more with every book I sell and/or sign. I am having an author’s night at our local library next Tuesday and I plan on talking up the self-publishing game as Dog Ear does it. If you ever need a testimonial let me know. I am a fan of what you guys do. Best wishes.

Richard Curtis Hauschild The Ledge, Jersey Flats, Hot Moon, Holylands March 10, 2015

Communication from my end to Dog ear is never complete without mentioning 3 names. Matt mathew, Adrienne Miller and Amber Ortner. They have been GOD sent as far as I am concerned and their personal and professional involvement esp Matt’s, is something I can never forget or repay. These 3 humbled me with their humanism and taught me that good human beings are still present in this world.

Dr. Chandra Mouli H.C Brains Off March 10, 2015

I had a vision for my first book. Dog Ear was the only publisher I found that could make my vision come true without compromise.

I love the look and quality of my books, and their team was helpful and enthusiastic throughout the entire process. They were there whenever I had a question or needed advice. And even now, years after my first book’s release, Miles and his crew at Dog Ear Publishing are there to lend a helping hand. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Ron Harner Suck It Up, Tate! March 10, 2015

I want to take this time to thank you and your amazing Dogear staff for making my journey into publishing my first book so incredibly rewarding. My initial contact with Dogear was with Mark Jackson…he was thoughtful and very patient with a “first time” author. He answered all my questions…many of them ridiculous, I’m sure…and followed up with me at every turn with good advice and much “hand holding”. I would not have stayed on the path with Dogear throughout this wonderful journey without Mark’s understanding and guidance.

Once “Chippy’s Dreams” was ready for submission, Adrienne Miller was a big support through that process. She took great pains in explaining what I needed to do to expedite getting the book to the next phase. Her quick replies and understanding of a newbie was very reassuring and appreciated more than she could have known at the time.

Then, as the book made its way through the printing process, Amber Ortner took my hand and led me through that maze…including helping with decisions on price point. Without her constant and, again, very patient guidance, this entire experience could have ended with wringing of hands and rising stress levels. I am happy to say, the exact opposite happened…that is, I loved everything about my experience with Dogear.

On January 17, my granddaughter, Lili, and I had our “first” author’s reading and book signing for “Chippy’s Dreams” at Story Time at the Barnes and Noble Tribeca in New York City. Barnes and Noble donated ten percent of store purchases to my granddaughter’s school during a five-day fundraising period. I was very proud of the quality of both the hard cover and soft cover book. I feel gratified that Dogear is such a big part of a journey that I share with my granddaughter as co-author…an experience she will always remember and one I will always cherish.

Thank you, Miles, so much for having the foresight to hire such passionate and engaging employees. You obviously recognize the importance of customer satisfaction through those choices. I would recommend Dogear to any author, especially first-time authors, looking to self-publish his or her first book.

Rita Bhan Chippy's Dreams February 18, 2015

Thanks! The materials arrived this morning and I couldn’t be more pleased. They are beautiful!

Everyone who has seen the book is so impressed with the cover, the readability of the font, the formatting, everything. They are gushing!

Now that I have the book in hand, as many others do, I can say without a doubt, you do a most professional job. Friends who have bought the book remark what a beautiful job you did. Looks like it came from Doubleday or Simon and Shuster…. can’t tell the diff.

Most importantly, my author’s rep, Matt Murray, was extraordinarily helpful, always available, and a man of his word, as well as being a really nice guy. Dog Ear is determined to produce books that can’t be distinguished from the big guys. I highly recommend them.

Phil Polizatto Hunga Dunga www.hungadunga.org February 18, 2015

Excellent! I received the copies of the book I had ordered and all the typos have been corrected and everything looks great. With the eBooks available and the beautiful website in place, I wish to thank you (and the team) for your patience and professionalism throughout the process.

James Covington In the Zealots' Crosshairs February 18, 2015

I received my complimentary copies of “Legacy of the Light” today, and all I can say is: FANTASTIC! The book looks EXACTLY as I hoped it would. It is a bit surreal for me to see something that has been a part of my life for some years actually done as a book. I have gone from someone who “is writing a book,” to someone who “has written a book.” A nice change, actually! I could not be more happy with Dog Ear Publishing. From start to finish, you have been great to work with, and I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you for the ebooks and order fulfillment. You answered all my questions, helped me navigate the process, turned around proofs and corrections quickly, and delivered a very high quality product. I truly wish that everybody I dealt with was as responsive, professional and helpful as Dog Ear Publishing has been. I have already recommended you to several folks. So, thank you!

Todd A. Gipstein Legacy of the Light February 18, 2015

I am very pleased with my working relationship with Dog Ear Publishing and their fine staff. I did quite a bit of research on publishing companies before selecting Dog Ear as the publisher of my book. Communication, service, and professional quality are three terms which come to mind when I think of my experience with Dog Ear.

I think of communication from two perspectives. First, all of the written materials produced by Dog Ear in describing the different packages and services were not written in legalese and were pretty easy to understand. The questions I did have about a couple of contract provisions were quickly answered satisfactorily by Dog Ear staff. The other aspect of communication that I was and continue to be very pleased with is the clear, informative information I get from Dog Ear Staff and their timely responsiveness to issues and questions which came up during the publication process and now through the book selling process.

The excellent service is directly related to the communication described above. Everything moved along on a timely basis. Drafts and approvals of the various physical aspects of the book proceeded on a timely basis and my input was listened to, respected, and when appropriate, incorporated into the layout and eventual publication of the book.

Finally, the professional quality of the finished product is excellent. I am proud to take my book around with me when I make presentations to book clubs, libraries, and other groups and organizations. I read a lot, and I wanted my book to look like a real book. The quality of the paper, printing, and binding looks and is professional grade.

If I do write another book, I will head right back to Dog Ear Publishing.

Robert Beezat Knowing and Loving: The Keys to Real Happiness February 18, 2015

Hi Matt and Amber,

I just received the printed versions of my novel, Spam & Eggs, and I wanted to write to thank you so much for your help getting to this point. The books look great – it looks like any book on the shelf. And thanks for working with me on the special layout and cover design touches. They definitely paid off!

Andrew Kent Spam & Eggs, A Johnny Denovo Mystery www.johnnydenovo.com February 18, 2015

UPS just unloaded the 300 new books that I reordered and I can not tell you how happy I am with the fast and accurate service that I received from Dog Ear. I could not be more delighted. Thank you again for making all this so much fun.

Well done.

Norm Bossio How to Stay Motivated on the Deck of the Titanic February 18, 2015

I just wanted to share with you that I had entered “Mist Upon the Pond” in the annual Writer’s Digest self-published book awards (at the urging of my writing groupmates). It didn’t win any awards, which I really didn’t expect, but they sent me the judge’s comments on the book. The cover design was given a 5 rating out of a possible 5.

So again my thanks to you for the beautiful job you folks at Dog Ear did with the cover and layout of “Mist”. I’ve had many comments from people who’ve bought the book about the beautiful cover.

Sandy McBride Mist Upon The Pond February 18, 2015

My books have arrived and they are gorgeous! You’ve put together a truly professional product with quality paper and clean printing.

You did a great job!

Anne Katherine Lick It! www.masteryourappetite.com February 18, 2015

Thank you and your wonderful crew for the great job on the book (we picked it up this morning from UPS.) Thank you all and I hope Thanksgiving will give you rest well deserved. God Bless.

Leroy Wright Saving the St. Johns River February 18, 2015

I truly appreciate the communication from Dog Ear.

I have learned to respect Dog Ear for the professional communication they have with their authors.

Earnestine Garner Fading Glory: Contributing Factors to the Decline of America's Public Schools February 18, 2015

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all your help. Every time I spoke with you or your team members, it was a pleasant and productive encounter.

There is an incomparable joy to creating something from nothing and then finally seeing it in print… and you and your team made it a pleasant endeavor, made it possible… You helped me tame the monster that publishing a book can be…

You and your team have been excellent to me, and have proven that of all the publishing options out there, Dog Ear was indeed the best choice…

Thanks, again!

Scott Karr (Hawk) One Excellent One, Looking For And Being... February 18, 2015

WOW! Once again Dog Ear has raised the bar to a much higher level in publishing.

Much Thanks to you and Dog Ear for caring and of course your professionalism.

Bill Daniell Charlie Whiskey Four In The Storm February 18, 2015

Thank you so much, all the books arrived yesterday, and are looking stellar! I just want you to know how appreciative I am for your and Dogear’s hard work. You guys are such kind beautiful souls, and I’ll never forget it.

Jill Abrams The Myth, The Muse, The Meshuga February 18, 2015

My book shipment arrived yesterday and look really wonderful. Page paper quality is perfect. Color, excellent. Hardcover – top notch. Again, thank you for your great assistance.

Dan Koffman Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors: Life in The US Military February 18, 2015

I received the copies on Sunday, upon my return from my weekend wanderings in Maryland. The book presents very well, a professional job indeed! Congratulations to you and your team.

Janine Desvaux A World Apart February 18, 2015

I received the shipment of my first copies of my book, “The First Seventy-Five Years” this week. I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful experience I had in working with you on this, and express my admiration for the quality of the book – it exceeds my highest dreams for what my book would look like. Everything about the book – the interior layout, the cover design, the placement and clarity of the photos, the paper quality and binding – is superb. And my dealings with you were always most pleasant and helpful. Since one only gets to write his life story once, it is very rewarding to have it turned into such a beautiful book. Thank you all very much. I will definitely recommend you to others. I’ve already begun on another book, and plan to use Dog Ear Publishing again when this new one gets finished.

Dan Hunt The First Seventy-Five Years February 18, 2015

The team did a great job. This is turning out to be a very good experience and you have been a very good agent for me.

Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart Sawicki, O.P. The Hummer and the Hummed February 18, 2015

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