To help you make a decision before you publish a book, and to let you compare Authorhouse and Dog Ear Publishing, we'd like to do a price and service comparison between us and Authorhouse. You'll see that in many cases Authorhouse is much more expensive.


AuthorHouse: No

Dog Ear: YES

AuthorHouse: $7.82/unit

Dog Ear: $4.28/unit

AuthorHouse: $2.47/sale

Dog Ear: $5.61/sale

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How does AuthorHouse compare to Dog Ear Publishing?

Our research and experience has shown that a typical self-published author purchases and sells about 100 books in the first few months after publication. However, some authors only want to sell books to their immediate friends and family. So, if you don't feel your book will sell at least 100 units (or that you will purchase that many over the lifetime of your book), Authorhouse may be the best publisher for your book. When an author only intends to sell very few copies of their book, then a discount publisher with a very low upfront cost would be the best choice.

This publishing comparison is designed to demonstrate that the COST of publishing your book doesn't just stop at purchasing a publishing package, but is significantly impacted by what you pay to purchase additional copies of your own book.

So – here we go...

The specs used here are typical of the books produced in the trade category at any self publishing company. Self publishing costs used for this comparision were taken directly from the AuthorHouse web site and phone interviews with AuthorHouse representatives.

- 6X9 trim size, 150 pages, one color interior, 4 color cover, 5 interior images
- Paperback or hardcover
- ISBN and bar code included, Library of Congress Control number
- Custom cover and interior
- PDF or laser proofs delivered to author
- Available at Amazon and most major online retailers
- Available through major distributors like Ingram and Baker and Taylor
- Included in the BooksInPrint database
- Available for order at over 25,000 retail bookstores
- Included in the Google Book Search Program
- Available through the Espresso Book Machine
- 100 additional paperback units purchased

Let's start with the numbers...more in-depth comparisons will follow below. Here's how Authorhouse stacks up.

Dog Ear Publishing:

Every service outlined above is included in this publishing package - no hidden fees or charges. 
Dog Ear Publishing is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. All Dog Ear operations are based in the United States. Dog Ear Publishing allows authors the complete freedom to set their retail price and profit at any level. Dog Ear has the lowest per unit print costs of any publishing company. With Dog Ear, you receive 100% of your Net Sale (no other major self-publishing house offers that level of profit for authors.) Lastly, through Dog Ear you retain 100% ownership of the press files that we design for you.


Authorhouse is based out of Bloomington, Indiana and is the largest of the self-publishing companies that we discuss on our web site. Explore fully how your retail price is set – can you really pick any price point you want? Find out what level of expertise your customer service agent has in the book industry and how helpful they are assisting you in making decisions about your book.

At Dog Ear Publishing, your author profit on sales is over $3.50 greater per book than it is at Authorhouse. Using Authorhouse would make sense if you are looking at sales or purchases of 100 books or less, since the author cost of your own books would not be an important factor. However, if you intend on selling or purchasing at least 100 books, then Dog Ear is a far less expensive choice. Check out our author profit comparison below.

Here are the 'post production' items that you must understand when comparing Dog Ear Publishing and AuthorHouse.

Author Profit Comparison with AuthorHouse
Here's an author profit comparison on the sample book we outlined above. We'll use a $16.49 retail (AuthorHouse's required retail price for this title at just a 15% royalty rate – at Dog Ear you may choose any retail you want, and we certainly wouldn't recommend such a high retail price.)

AuthorHouse author profit through Barnes & Noble (or any retail outlet) is much less than the exact same sale through Dog Ear Publishing. As a matter of fact, you'll make over three dollars MORE when you publish your book through Dog Ear Publishing.

It doesn't take too many sales for that difference to become significant. AuthorHouse and Dog Ear handle wholesale orders and accounts in the EXACT SAME MANNER, so why would you want to give up an additional $3 per sale to AuthorHouse?

Imagine what these numbers do to your profit over the life of your book.

Royalty %
AuthorHouse Author Profit
Dog Ear Author Profit
per unit increase
$3.14 per book

Book Printing Prices / Author Copies

AuthorHouse charges a significant amount more than Dog Ear to print author copies, as noted above. Dog Ear and AuthorHouse  use the exact same technologies to print books, and in most cases even the same printers. Since AuthorHouse receives at least as favorable printing terms as Dog Ear - why do they charge an author so much more for their own books?

AuthorHouse Author Cost
Dog Ear Author Cost
per unit savings
$3.54 per book

It is curious, however, that you won't find author copy costs on the AuthorHouse site - you have to actually publish your book first, get a final page count and order quantity, THEN you will know how much your own books will cost to purchase.

Publishing Control & Ownership

As you can see from our web site, we believe in giving you as much as possible within each package, and letting you have as much control and input as you'd like. No one else offers the absolute freedom that Dog Ear Publishing does...

A clause in the AuthorHouse contract states that: "SERVICE PROVIDER shall determine the details of publication, including the appearance, price, production, and manufacturing of the WORK.
SERVICE PROVIDER will retain final discretion over style and formatting of the WORK and its cover…AUTHOR may not utilize formatted WORK…and cover with any other SERVICE PROVIDER at anytime during or after the term of this agreement.

What does this mean?

First, AuthorHouse controls your book cover design. More importantly, if a "traditional" publisher wants to come along and buy your work from you, they have to start over! You don't own the rights to the designed and formatted version of your book. So, if it looks just like you always dreamed, guess what? You can't have it. What if you want to re-publish your book elsewhere? You don't have access or rights to any book production files – AuthorHouse owns them. Even MORE importantly – if AuthorHouse decides to STOP selling your work…You STILL can't have the files to publish elsewhere.