Marketing FAQ

What kind of book marketing does Dog Ear Publishing offer?

Dog Ear provides many types of book marketing services to help authors promote their books. Resources on various book marketing strategies are also found in our Article section. Our Marketing and Promotion articles covers many topics, from how to write a book marketing plan, to using Press Releases in book marketing, to Setting Up Author Signings, and more.

Does Dog Ear automatically distribute review copies of my book to media outlets?

Most Dog Ear Publishing books are printed on demand, thanks to this efficient system, we are not required to hold an inventory of books. We will forward a copy of your book to a valid media outlet that requests one.

When is the best time to start by book marketing efforts?

Ideally your book marketing efforts started right along with your writing. But, we know that is rarely the case, and that's OK. For your book to reach its full potential, you need to develop a robust book marketing plan.

What is a Media Kit?

The Media Kit is "tool box" of book marketing. This 'kit' holds all the pertinent information about your book. The standard elements of a media kit are a press release, introduction letter, author biography, a review copy of your book and copies of any positive reviews or endorsements your book has received.